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A Break- through Innovation to Boost your Child’s Immunity during these Challenging Times

Chennai: 2021 August 5 : At a time when vaccinations for children are still being tested, Jammi Pharmaceuticals has launched a purely Ayurvedic immunity booster, “Yummunity”, for children at the ‘A Break-through Innovation to boost your Child’s Immunity during these challenging times’ event.

Global Indian Ambassador of Women Entrepreneurship-UN, Dr Madhu Saran Vel was the chief guest.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Narasimham V Jammi, Managing Director of Jammi Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. said, “Ayurveda is now a necessity and the world can no longer ignore it. I strongly endorse the exclusive use of Ayurveda for building immunity as well as treating lifestyle diseases.”

Dr Narasimham has authored a book titled ‘The Orphan’s Father: Ayurveda – Curing Modern Medicine’s Abandoned Diseases’. The book was released during the event. Dr. Narasimham further said that this book will help people understand the importance of Ayurveda and how the traditional method can be used to cure diseases which are even abandoned by modern day medicines.

Elaborating about the future plans of Jammi’s, Dr.Narasimham said the company is expanding its reach and scope. “We will focus on three main verticals – therapeutics – with focus on medicines for diseases, Svastha – our wellness segment, where we will focus on immunity, lifestyle related disorders, and intimacy wellness formulations; and – the skin care segment.

We plan on reaching a domestic revenue of 150 crores turnover over the next few years. Our international focus will be on Svastha- the Wellness segment and – our skin care segment,” he said.

The 124-year-old wellness clinic and Ayurvedic medicine manufacturer is credited with single-handedly eliminating Indian childhood cirrhosis (or ICC as it was known in the medical field) in the early to mid-20th century.

The company took up the challenge of providing carefully formulated Ayurveda medicines to boost immunity during these challenging times. Immunity boosters produced by Jammi Pharmaceuticals have doubled during this period.

The Pharmaceutical company is raising funds now to meet the ever-growing demand of their immunity, liver and wellness products.

SHS advisory group founded by Narayanan Swaminathan in the year 2004 with an established and reputed track record for customer satisfaction and are Strategic Advisors for Jammi’s Pharmaceuticals.

With more than 1,000 plus transactions, 10 years in media appearance, 150k YouTube viewers, 8 locations and 20k plus clients SHS have been giving their valuable inputs for the development and betterment of Jammi’s pharmaceuticals. SHS plays a key role in the expansion of business of Jammi’s.

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