Absolute Carnival at AB’s from December 22 to January 2nd A year end buffet and games carnival at Absolute Barbecues

Chennai, December : Absolute Barbecues, India’s best wish-grill restaurant is gearing up for one of the biggest year-end carnival starting from Dec 22- Jan 2.This two-week long event will have a choice of cuisines curated to satisfy your palates and will be served unlimitedly at our buffets.From non- vegetarian to vegetarian, game bird dishes and sea-food varieties, dining at canival is going to leave one spoilt with options.

A pioneering food chain restaurant with 16+ outlets across India and Middle East, Absolute Barbecues has been successful in elevating the buffet experience to a whole new level.AB’s has always won the hearts of foodies with events that would satisfy their hunger for new and exotic tastes.Our food festivals and events are not just about food, we also have games, activities and contests for the enthusiastic customers.

December being the month af giving and taking, hoping, reflecting and above all to gather with your loved ones, celebrating this joyful month with Absolute Barbecues” haliday special carnival is just the thing to do.To rekindle the holiday spirits, our staff will be dressed up in fancy carnival costumes with the whole place lit up to give you the holiday feels.Having great food with your friends and family is something that one will forever cherish and when you do it while preparing to welcome a new year, you have all the more reasons to be grateful.This indeed is what Absolute Carnival at AB’s is all.