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Apollo Spectra Hospital, Chennai Successfully Performs a Complex Hybrid Endovenous Procedure on a 78-year-old

Chennai 3rd December 2022: Apollo Spectra Hospital, Chennai successfully conducts a Complex Hybrid Endovascular procedure on a 78-year-old named Mr. Nagarajan under the guidance of Dr. Balakumar. The patient suffered from post-thrombotic syndrome, a chronic nonhealing ulcer in the left leg, and ankle region with significant impact disabling him with recurrent infection, edema, and pain. The patient approached Apollo Spectra Hospital, Chennai for a consultation where the complex Hybrid Endovascular procedure was prescribed.

The chronic ulcer follows deep vein thrombosis which occurred a decade back. The venous ulcers usually occur in the lower part of the leg and can have a profound impact on a patient’s quality of life, leading to fatal consequences as. Venous leg ulcers can have single or multiple contributing, venous pathologies which can be resistant to healing and can last for more than 6 weeks. Active venous ulcers can be a major source of distress to patients causing physical limitation, social isolation, and increased health risk in patients with other co-morbid conditions.


Dr. Balakumar Senior Consultant Vascular surgeon, at Apollo Spectra Hospital, Chennai, successfully performed a Surgical Endophlebectomy in the femoral vein and Intravascular Ultrasound guided precise placement of the venous stent in narrowed Iliac Vein in the Abdominal Segment simultaneously in a single setting, which expedited ulcer healing in the left lower limb within 3 weeks post-operatively.


Dr. Balakumar has over 20 years of experience and has successfully conducted over 400 Endovenous procedures in Apollo Spectra Hospital for the treatment of varicose veins shares a message with the elders on the potential benefits of early treatment in Active venous ulcers. To focus more on the spectrum of Venous disorders, which affects at least 25% of the population the study conducted at Apollo Vein Institute in Apollo Spectra Hospital, Chennai MRC Nagar found that early treatment for leg ulcers leads to better patient outcomes.


Commenting on the success of the surgery Dr. S Balakumar Senior Consultant Vascular Surgeon, Apollo Spectra Hospital, Chennai, “Advanced Venous disease accounts for close to 70% of leg ulcers and Early Vascular assessment is imperative for addressing the Venous pathology. Current Venous treatments done under minimally invasive techniques offers definitive solutions for frail and elderly and are effective in preventing the recurrence of such wounds”


Being overwhelmed by the successful procedure the patient expressed “There was a development of varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis (DVT)on left leg with swelling and pain from knee to ankle and up to toes in 1992, where I was hospitalised for 14 days with saline and injections. A few years later in 2016, the same leg started to pain and an itchy sensation, and felt like the left ankle was unstable, I was always scratching my ankle all the time and that led to an oozing of blood. I went to the family doctor who referred Dr. Balakumar, Vascular Surgeon, Apollo Spectra Hospital, Chennai who diagnosed me with varicose ulcer after various tests. I was admitted for 2 days in the hospital, underwent the surgery, and drove down with my wife back home. Post-surgery I don’t feel any pain, itchiness, or swelling in the leg, and I have started the daily routine of walking for 1 hour and I don’t feel tired. I am very thankful to Dr. Balakumar for his personal care, treatment, and follow-up and to Apollo Spectra Hospital, Chennai for taking such good care and for the services provided.”


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