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Brahmarishi Guruvananda Maharishi, who is doing spiritual service based in Tirupati, is going to hold a Mahasatsangam in Chennai on the 9th, according to his main disciple Prakash Jain.

Prakash Jain, Aacharya srinivas srimali, and Jagadish Kadavul who met the journalists at the Chennai Press club said that Brahmarishi Guruvananda Maharishi has been traveling the world and doing spiritual work for world peace and mental health and all the great leaders have gained clarity by listening to his Mahasad Sangha.

They informed that a kosalai has been set up in his peedam based in Tirupati, more than 500 cows are reared and puja is performed daily, and food is given daily in the main peedam. They said that on the 9th September 2023 at Sri Ramakrishna Convention Center in Tiruvanmiyur, Chennai, Sidhguru Darshan and Mahasat Sangam will be held.

Admission and prasad will be provided free of cost to all who attend the event, and more than 60 buses will be plying across Chennai for free.

Devotees, political leaders and dignitaries from not only Tamil Nadu but also from various states are expected to participate in this program which will start at 6 pm. Prakash Jain and Jagadish Guru said that the famous music composer and Shiva devotee Drums Shivamani will perform as a special event.

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