Business Meet on AFRO ASEAN Trade held by Andhra Chamber of Commerce

Chennai, 30th August, 2019 – In a bid to transform trade and business sectors in India and to discover and nurture its growth, Andhra Chamber of Commerce held “BUSINESS MEET ON AFRO ASEAN TRADE” that aimed to focus on creating a platform for discussion and dialogue in promoting trade and business between India and select African and ASEAN countries.

The key objective of the business was to provide import and export trade between the countries in creating fair opportunities among them and to familiarize the procedural aspects in the bilateral trade. The meet was a platform to connect product based common interest group (CIG) that comprised, the members of the chamber and other participants and representatives from the participating countries.

“Trade and investment go hand in hand, we have to convert business into opportunitiesand our focus on this business meet is to create those opportunities in promoting bilateral trade business between the countries. Similarly bilateral trade between ASEAN and India has crossed USD 80bns.which not only shows growing confidence but also constitutes the highest volume of trade in goods that ASEAN and India have witnessed since 2010.If this growth continues, ASEAN-India trade is likely to touch USD100bns., by the year 2020” sayid Dr.V.L.IndiraDutt, President Andhra Chamber of Commerce .