Sathyabama has entered in its 33 years of inception and has completed 19 years as Deemed to be University. The Deemed to be University maintains high standard in teaching, training, and Research. The continuous efforts by all the stake holders, students, parents, Industry and Alumni is making Sathyabama to achieve greater heights, every year. As result of this, Sathyabama is ranked one among the top 50 Universities in India for 5 consecutive years, NIRF, Government of India.
Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology held its 29th Convocation on 18th september, 2020 at the Institution Auditorium, with the blessings of Founder Chancellor Hon.Colonel Dr.Jeppiaar. This Convocation was presided by Hon. Chancellor Dr.Mariazeena Johnson, and President Dr.Marie Johnson.
Hon”ble Chief minister of tamilnadu Thiru. Edappadi K.PALANISWAMI delivered Convocation address through online.
Delivering the graduation address at the 29th e-Convocation Hon”ble Chief minister of tamilnadu Thiru. Edappadi K.Palaniswami lauded the institution for its efforts in providing higher education to students from underprivileged backgrounds.
People from different states of the world are coming to study in Tamil Nadu because of their excellent service to education.
Dr.Jeppiaar, the founder of Sathyabama University, has risen from a college to a university due to his tireless work. My congratulations to him.
Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology has received various awards for its work in the field of education.
Congratulations to the 3190 undergraduate and postgraduate students who will be graduating from this university today, the 129 Ph.D scholars and the 20 gold medal winning students.
Tamil Nadu is a leading state in ensuring the availability of higher education.
In the year 2019-20, 16 member colleges have been converted into government colleges.
Since 2011-12, 1577 courses have been introduced in government and arts colleges.
80 crore has been allocated for the construction of infrastructure facilities in government arts and science colleges.
5502 crore 84 lakhs has been allocated for higher education in the year 2020-21.
It has been ordered to set up a new university with Viluppuram as its headquarters
Tamil Nadu is the only country in the world that has attracted a large number of investments despite the recession in the industry due to the impact of the corona epidemic.
Graduates should come forward to start self-employment.
The leaders who lead the country are everything. Success is guaranteed if you realize and act as you graduate and move into the new world.
I heartily commend those who received good marks for their hard work and discipline.
The Chief Minister concluded his speech by saying my congratulations to the students who are the future leaders.
Dr. Arun Kumar Bhaduri, Director, IGCAR, Kalpakkam, was the Chief Guest for the occasion. He awarded the degrees to the graduands, appreciated the gold medalists by distributing the merit certificates, gold medals and delivered the convocation address.
A total of 3190 graduants received the Degree Undergraduates, Postgraduates and 129 Ph.D scholars received their degrees. Among them 20 students are awarded with gold medals for their exemplary performance in academics.
On this occasion the academic report was presented by Dr.T.Sasipraba Vice Chancellor.

Int’l Health-Tech Conference CAHOTECH 2020 to be held virtually from Sept 25-29, 2020

  • More than 1,000 healthcare professionals and delegates from across the country will be attending the annual event virtually. More than 30 distinguished speakers will address the audience
  • India’s biggest healthcare technology conference will also provide a platform for startups for funding, incubation and beta-testing of new health-tech products

September 10, 2020: CAHOTECH 2020, the fifth international healthcare technology conference of the Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organizations (CAHO), will be held virtually from September 25-29, 2020. The theme this year is “Future of Healthcare – Making it Happen.” The annual gathering is considered the biggest healthcare technology event in the country.

More than 1,000 healthcare professionals and delegates will be attending CAHOTECH 2020 virtually to keep themselves updated with the latest technology and products related to the healthcare sector. These include med-tech vendors, process innovators and solution providers; start-ups; hospital decision makers; and investors scouting for innovative and disruptive technologies. The event this year will also have a virtual expo and virtual conference.

Start-ups in healthcare looking for funding or beta testing can register for a nominal fee (INR 500) for the virtual PitchFest to be held on Sept 19-20, 2020. They can present their ideas to healthcare leaders, technology experts, and investors and win prize money of up to Rs 5 lakhs. Registration is available at till 12th September 2020.

Mr. Sameer Mehta, Vice President, CAHO & Organizing Chairman, CAHOTECH 2020, said: “After its four successful editions of developing a healthy and positive relationship between technology developers, innovators and stakeholders in healthcare delivery, CAHOTECH is today the biggest healthcare technology event in India. This year, the fifth CAHOTECH is going virtual, crushing all geographical borders and limitations. It will bring together international and national healthcare and technology experts closer to the participants to look beyond the pandemic and decode the future.”

More than 30 distinguished speakers will address the audience virtually at CAHOTECH 2020 across several sessions and talks. These include names like Dr Indu Bhushan (CEO, Ayushman Bharat-PMJAY); Dr Girdhar J Gyani, Director General, Association of Healthcare Providers of India; Ms Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Executive Chairperson, Biocon Ltd.; Ms. Sangita Reddy, Joint MD, Apollo Hospitals; Dr Ajay Nair, CEO, Swasth; Mr John Meiners, Chief of Mission, Aligned Business & Healthcare Solutions, American Heart Association; Dr Kumar Belani, Prof. of Medicine, Dept of Anesthesiology, University of Minnesota Health (USA); Dr Mohan Chellappa, President (Global Ventures), Johns Hopkins Medicine International; Dr Devi Shetty, Chairman and Executive Director, Narayana Health; and Mr Ashutosh Raghuvanshi, MD & CEO, Fortis Healthcare

Mr. J Adel, Organizing Secretary, CAHOTECH 2020 said “With a heavy focus on technological innovations, CAHOTECH is meant to introduce newer and better technology solutions to the healthcare industry. It offers a unique platform for healthcare providers to learn about the recent advancements in healthcare technology and to make them ready for futuristic trends in the field of IT, medical equipment, machinery and processes. The event connects healthcare with technology and looks at solutions to make modern healthcare accessible, available and affordable for all. The PitchFest would bring health-tech startups and investors on the same platform to identify promising technology at early stages and empower them to scale up and grow.”

Dr. Lallu Joseph, General Secretary, CAHO, said: “CAHOTECH 2020 is a platform for healthcare organizations and technology industry to share and utilize combined experience, to guide themselves continuously towards more efficient practices utilizing technological development. Each day national and international speakers will be deliberating on a range of topics including Faster Adoption of Telemedicine; Future of Learning – A Paradigm Shift; Connected Care – Breakthroughs, Disruption & Innovations; Hospitals of the Future – Advanced Technologies; and Next Generation Healthcare for India. The event is highly focused to understand future healthcare technologies for clinicians, hospital managers and administrators, biomedical engineers, scientists, researchers and other stakeholders of healthcare industry interested in promoting change through innovation and advancement in healthcare.”

Delegates can register for the conference at for a fee of INR 500 for members and INR 1000 for non-members.

About CAHO (

With a growing number of healthcare organizations achieving NABH, NABL and JCI accreditation, there has been a need for a common platform that will facilitate communication amongst the accredited healthcare organizations, share best practices, and provide benchmarking, while promoting and improving the quality and safety of healthcare services provided by HCOs across India. The Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organizations (CAHO) is a not-for-profit society that was formed to fulfil this need. CAHO provides a platform to support all the NABH and NABL accredited organizations in the country. It also mentors’ hospitals in their journey towards accreditation and creates awareness to implement safe practices in healthcare delivery.

Compilation of 7 Day EKAM WORLD PEACE FESTIVAL with Sri Krishnaji & Sri Preethaji, Co-Creators of EKAM.

Ekam world peace festival has by far been the world’s largest online Meditation festival with over 10 million people participating in it from across the world. Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji are mystics & philosophers who have co-created Ekam. They have created several amazing spiritual journeys and festivals to celebrate the limitlessness and expansion in consciousness. The peace festival has been happening for the last 3 years. This year beginning on Aug 9th for the past 7-days.. It also was commended by many reputed leaders of the world from various sectors of life.

Each day of the peace festival is held with a specific intention to cause the wholistic wellbeing of mankind, all life forms, and Mother Earth.

Day 1 was for Peace between nations.
Day 2 was Peace for children.
Day 3 was Peace between races and religions.
Day 4 was Peace for nature and wildlife.
Day 5 was Peace for women.
Day 6 was Peace for economic sufficiency.
Day 7, the final day- is Peace for collective human evolution.

The world’s largest peace festival drew to a grand culmination yesterday .

Addressing the millions of peace meditators from across the world Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji said, ” Peace is either for all of us or for none of us. Unless all living beings lived in peace, there can be no peace for humankind. And unless every nation became peaceful there is no peace for any nation. And unless every member of your family became peaceful there is no peace for you”

They revealed the philosophy behind Ekam peace festival, saying, “Ekam magnifies our intention for peace dispelling violence from the collective human consciousness.

On this last day of the peace festival young, old, leaders from various sectors, millions of seekers offered their peace meditation as an offering for world peace. They said – Our future is forked.

We could either go down this road driven by our loveless- self-centred- separation driven consciousness, and destroy our earth- the only home for life, that is as yet discovered. Or choose yet another road open to us which takes humanity to oneness consciousness, from which alone we can find enduring solutions to the problems of our world”.

On this occasion Gregg Braden, a five-time New York Best Selling Author and scientist joined online to interact with Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji. They conversed on science & spirituality, heart and brain, on intention and the one unified field of consciousness. Gregg said – There is a beautiful space where science and spirituality are not alone but come together evolving into something more.

Speaking about the mystic geometrical structure of Ekam, he said – these sacred
geometrical structures are the physical representations of the innate patterns of the atoms in our bodies. When we are in the presence of these sacred structures we awaken our consciousness to powerful states of love and peace. And when they are located on the right geo-energy spots magnetic, crystal and structural energies converge amplifying and accelerating human awakening. And Ekam is such a rare structure.”

Their discussion was insightfully rich and brought a very scientific perspective to the spiritual approach taken during the festival. The grand festival reached its pinnacle receiving great appreciation from over 25million peace meditators, leaders, young, and organisational teams.

To present a few to you:

On day1, Kailash Satyarthi, Nobel peace laureate Conversing with Sri Krishnaji said, every young person should go beyond the division of caste, class, community, and nationality and unite for the most marginalized and vulnerable children of the world. He said every adult must connect to the child within. Connecting to innocence within you will lead to a spontaneous action to protect the children of the world.

On day3, Meng Foon, race relations’ commissioner for human rights from New Zealand appreciated the massive initiative of peace undertaken by Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji. He said, “Racial discrimination affects the social, cultural, and economic wellbeing of the community. Cultivating self-reflection and realizing the pain of others by placing ourselves in another’s shoes will stop us from hurting them.”

On day4, Erik Solheim, a former minister in Norway for the environment and international development, a winner of The Champion of the Earth award, and Time magazine’s Hero of the Environment award joined as the guest. He said – ALL RELIGIONS HAVE METOPHORICALLY COMMUNICATED THE IMPORTANCE OF PROTECTING AND SUSTAINING MOTHER EARTH. If we can realize this connection we would allow Mother Earth to thrive. He also said – I see and believe PM Modi is taking the right steps in that direction too.

On day5, supporting the message on women by Sri Preethaji, Mithali Raj, the Captain of India’s Women’s Cricket Team said – “Peace is necessary and meditation is a sure way to peace. Peace during challenges is when we are mindful and not rush into action when we should not.”

Mithali Raj also said that COVID allowed her to meditate and live in the present. It made her breathe deeper and not keep running into the future anxieties or past regrets. She has enriched her life in the interlude provided by COVID.

On the same day in the evening, Saina Nehwal, World Badminton Champion joined as the guest. Simple and natural in her ways, Saina emphasized remaining calm even though situations are stressful and demanding in one’s life. After meditation with Sri Preethaji, she had experienced a deep state of restfulness in such a short time. She said inner peace has been a critical factor in every single match she has won.

On day6, John L Petersen, a futurist, a speaker, and founder of Arlington University joined as the guest.

Speaking to John, when Sri Krishnaji asked – as a futurologist what new trends do you predict for humanity? He said the world is on the verge of a massive paradigm shift. For the future to open up
grand possibilities, humanity must become self-realized. He acknowledged Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji for guiding mankind in the right direction. They concluded the peace festival by thanking all the supporters and meditators from across the world and inviting everyone to Ekam to experience yet more glorious gifts in consciousness.

Tapas Trust launches Digital Education for Class 1 – 10 , Nation Wide

The Chennai based NGO, Tapas Trust has launched a Digital Education Program (DEP) for NIOS Board students recently for Classes 1 to 10. Tapas Trust has partnered with 11 NGOs and implemented the DEP in 19 schools in Tamil Nadu , Kerala, Karnataka,Uttar Pradesh,Telangana,Maharashtra,Uttarakhand, benefiting more than 1000 students from different communities, free of cost.

The Course Director and Managing Trustee, Shri S.Lakshminarayanan, explained the special features built into the content design and development, and the centralised delivery and monitoring system. This DEP covers 8 subjects and 2500 hours of core content plus revision hours covering classes 1 to 10 delivered in Hindi and English complying with the NCERT curriculum for NIOS Students. S.Lakshminarayanan, a Chartered Accountant has conceptualised and designed this program and compressed Classes 1 to 10 in 5 years, so that dropouts and children in the 9-11 age group who are not sound in the basics could start afresh and still complete Secondary education when they turn 15.

L.Shrinivaasan and L.Bhuvaneshwari have quit their formal education and have taken up this task pro bono and contributed video lectures for the 8 Subjects. The maths and science classes are delivered by L.Shrinivaasan and the languages & Home Science by L.Bhuvaneshwari .

Classes will be accessible by the Students from any part of the Country through internet using a customised LMS Application designed by the Trust. Teachers will be available online to clarify doubts, evaluate answers and provide feedback.

Speaking on the occasion,
Dr C.B Sharma, Ex Chairman NIOS lauded the efforts of Tapas Trust in digitising the classes 1-10 and appreciated the quality of the content besides the utility to Students in remote areas.

Dr Uma Sivaraman, Retd. Dy Commissioner, KVS appreciated the techniques used in the content design and the focus to serve the poor girl child.

Dr C.L Ramakrishnan, Ex CBI Director, Ex DGP commented that this program is especially useful during the corona epidemic. He also appreciated the approach taken to teach languages by re- sequencing the steps and the enormous exercise of translating one million pairs of sentences in Hindi to English and vice versa.

Shri Madhavan Warrier, Chairman , Warrier Foundation one of the NGOs in whose two Schools at Kerala, where this program was launched today, profusely thanked TAPAS TRUST and also had very positive feedback of the program already implemented in their Vedic School at Panvel,Mumbai on 20th June this year.
Tapas Trust is in discussions with various NGOs to make this program available free for several lakhs of children especially in rural and hilly areas in the North , East, West, North-East parts of the country given the easy implementability and scalability.

Trust can be contacted at 9967894104/

EKAM WORLD PEACE FESTIVAL :- PEACE FOR THE NATION ( PEACE For Future Generations ) with Nobel Peace Laureate Mr. Kailash Satyarthi and Mr. Sri Krishna, Co-Creator of EKAM.

Collective Meditation by Millions has the power to end Wars – Krishna ji, Co-creator Ekam

Connect to innocence within you, you will spontaneously take action to protect the children of the world.

Kailash Satyarthi, Nobel Peace Laureate 

Ekam World Peace Festival began today with its intention of ending wars in the world and bring harmony between nations.  Ekam world peace festival is by far the world’s largest online meditation festival with over 10 million people attending it, on day one.  People from over 100 countries, 2000+ Indian villages and more than 2000 education institutions and organizations mediated for world peace with Ekam.

This meditation is all the more poignant for India, given the context of war like atmosphere between China and our nation.  The central idea behind Ekam world peace festival, Sri Krishnaji said, is that the collective violence in human mind becomes the trigger for all wars.  No war is noble. All war is fought because of greed, hate and power hunger.   And collective meditation and collective prayer intention has the power to infuse human consciousness with peace and dissolve tension and war.  Krishnaji said, “Individual peace is the way to world peace.”

Today’s chief guest  was Kailash Satyarthi, Nobel peace laureate, who has saved more than 90000 children from slavery and trafficking.  He has pioneered the cause of protecting the purity of children and their right to education and dignity.  In his conversation with Sri Krishnaji, he encouraged every young person to go beyond the division of caste, class, community and nationality and unite for the most marginalized and vulnerable children of the world.  He said the world has globalised everything but it is time we globalize compassion for our children..  He encouraged every adult to connect to the child in themselves and to protect the innocence of under privileged children.

Kailash Satyarthi applauded Preethaji and Krishnaji for holding a divine vision for ending war  and bringing peace to the world.

The festival concluded with a magnificent meditation led by Sri Krishnaji. He lead over 10million people into inner peace and made them radiate peace energies to every nation that is gripped by conflict and war.  The meditation dissolved anger and hate and opened hearts to peace.

This peace festival will last until the August the15th. Tomorrow will be for dissolving violence against children and nurturing peace in young people and children. 

All are free to join, for more information visit

Actor Sonu Sood arranged Flight to bring back Medical Graduated students of TamilNadu from Moscow, Russia to Chennai

Actor Sonu sood arranged flight to Chennai for 105  MBBS Graduates students from TamilNadu held up in Moscow due to this Pandemic. 
No Vande Bharath flight  & other flights from july onwards from Moscow to Chennai. Students seek help to all one among them is Actor Sonu sood. He immediately arranged chartered flight No.SG9272 from Moscow to chennai to all the students scheduled at Aug 4th. 
Ticket fare was paid by the students. Everyone returned safely to Chennai on Aug 5th and were Quarantined at Hotel in T.Nagar for one week.
All the students thanked him for his kind gesture wholeheartedly

சென்னை திருவொற்றியூரை சேர்ந்த சேகர் என்ற 25 வயது வாலிபர் மேலும் ஒரு புதிய உலகசதனையை படைத்துள்ளார்

சென்னை திருவொற்றியூர் பகுதியில் வசிக்கும் இளையராம் சேகர் வயது 25 பெரம்பூரில் உள்ள கல்கி அரங்கநாதன் பள்ளியில் ஆசிரியராக பணிபுரிந்து வருகிறார். கடந்த 7 ஆண்டுகளாக ரூபி கன சதுர விளையாட்டில் உலக அளவில் இதுவரை நான்கு கின்னஸ் உலக சாதனைகளை படைத்துள்ளார், தற்போது இரண்டு வருடங்களாக பயிற்சி மேற்கொண்டு ஐந்தாம் கின்னஸ் சாதனையை இன்று நிறைவு செய்துள்ளார்.

2014-ம் ஆண்டு ஆகஸ்ட் 1-ஆம் நான் அமெரிக்காவை சேர்ந்த அந்தோணி புரூக்ஸ் என்பவர் ஒரே மூச்சில் நீருக்குள் மூழ்கியவாரு 5 ரூபிக் கன சதுர புதிருக்கு தீர்வு கண்டு கின்னஸ் உலக சாதனை படைத்தார் தற்போது அந்த உலக சாதனைக்கு பயிற்சி மேற்கொண்டு அதனை முறியடித்துள்ளார்.

சுமார் ஆறு வருடங்களுக்கு எவரும் முயற்சிக்காத இந்த சாதனையை இன்று 6 ரூபிக் கன சதுர புதிருக்கு சுமார் 2 நிமிடம் 17 வினாடி ஒரே மூச்சில் தீர்வு கண்டு சாதனை படைத்துள்ளார்.

Inauguration of International Pre-med online classes in the presence of Thiru.S.Ve.SHEKHER, Hon’ble Retd Chief Justice VALLI NAYAGAM & TRW Groups CEO Dr. David K Pillai

The event took place on 23rd July in the presence of Thiru. S.Ve .Shekar  and Hon’ble Retd Chief justice Thiru Valli Nayagam. The launch took place connecting eminent personalities from Philippines and India over a video conference.
Davao medical school foundation is a Medical school in Philippines. This medical school has a reputation of producing top rankers in FMGE ( Foreign medical graduation exams )  over the past 10 years. specifically even the last year we had 7 toppers amongst the top 10. Not forgetting that Davao Medical school foundation Has 82% of passing ratio when The national passing ratio Was 21%.
Currently  there are 5000 students studying in the Philippines and about 2800 students have graduated from the college and are currently working across the globe.
While talking to the CEO Dr. David K Pillai, Davao medical school foundation Is one of the finest medical schools in the Philippines- the city that is crime free where English is largely spoken and  it has one of the best tropical conditions which is excellent to learn various diseases similar to our country. 
He added, this International Pre Med online classes has turned out to be very receptive by students and it’s a great learning platform for students in this tough times of COVID 19. Dr . David is Also known as the Pioneers in foreign education for medical education.
This medical school offers the lowest fee structure to help students with great ambitions and makes it an affordable course for the students from rural area too.

Exclusive Brain Enhancement Training camp for students

If there is one overriding concern for most parents all over the world, it has to be the academic success of their children. For, success in academics is the first stepping stone to a life of accomplishment in adulthood. It is the bedrock upon which the edifice of a glittering career is built. But more than anything else, doing well in school or college depends on how well the brain functions. There is also what is called “natural intelligence.” This explains how people with a rudimentary education become high achievers and establish mighty business empires.

The human brain has multiple intelligences, declared Howard Gardner in 1983. But conventional academics focuses mostly on verbal-linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligences, neglecting aspects like bodily-kinesthetic, visual-spatial, interpersonal intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence, etc. This means the brain’s actual potential is not fully tapped. When the intelligence located in various parts of the brain is utilized fully, it produces a rounded personality who has ability, empathy, and social skills.

Phonemic Intelligence, says Dr. Baskaran Pillai, can be the game changer as it helps to improve the brain’s function in all areas, thereby enhancing the student’s intelligence. This is done by activating the brain using phonemes or soundwaves. He calls it a unique science for two reasons—it triggers natural intelligence, and it also improves the intelligence acquired by academic training. According to him, it is the only practical discipline that is capable of increasing the intelligence associated with various parts of the brain. When one’s brain is functioning well, it enhances both natural intelligence and the academic training received by the student. Phonemic intelligence is the sole brain-based intelligence program that is currently available, says Dr. Pillai.

PI is very easy to practice—all it takes is 7 minutes a day. And within two weeks, the results are said to manifest in the form of an improvement in academic and professional performance. Students who practiced it scored better in tests and were able to set and achieve goals. People of all ages can practice PI. What is more, it also has an impact on social and behavioral aspects leading to more harmonious behavior by triggering feelings of love, compassion, and empathy.

Dr. Pillai is a scholar, philanthropist, and global educator, whose aim is to help people realize their highest potential. He did his PhD in Religious Studies from the University of Pittsburgh and was a teaching fellow in the Department of Religious Studies as well as the Coordinator of the Indian Studies Program for the Department of International Studies.

Dr. Pillai is conducting a Free and Exclusive Brain Enhancement Training camp for students aged 10-18 years and their parents. Those interested can contact:

SATHYABAMA INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Deemed to be university SATHYABAMA ALL INDIA ENGINEERING ENTRANCE EXAMINATION -2020 (SAEEE-2020) Cancelled due to COVID 19 Pandemic for B.E. / B.Tech. / B.Arch/ B.Des Courses.

In view of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Sathyabama Institute of  Science Technology Engineering Entrance Examination 2020 has been cancelled. 

Earlier scheduled to be held from August 3 to August 5, SAEEE 2020 has been cancelled due to the lockdown restrictions. The Institution will now admit students based on the marks secured by them Class 12 or pre-university college final exams. Those who appeared for the Joint Entrance Examinations (JEE) Mains will be given appropriate weightage during admissions.

Details related to the courses offered, Eligibility Criteria  are available at
For clarifications please contact toll free number 1800-425-1770 or email or WhatsApp 9940058263.

புதிய நெமர்டியன் புழு இனம் சென்னையின் கோவளம் கடற்கரையில் சத்யபாமா விஞ்ஞானிகளால் கண்டு பிடிக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது

அண்மையில் வெவ்வேறு ஆராய்ச்சி நிறுவனங்களான சத்யபாமா பல்கலைக்கழகம், ரஷ்யன் அகாடமி ஆப்சயின்ஸ், ஸ்மித்சோனியன் இன்ஸ்டிடியூஷன், அமெரிக்கா ஆகிய விஞ்ஞானிகளுக்கு இடையிலான கூட்டு முயற்சியில் ஒரு புதிய இன நெமர்டியன் புழு (டெட்ராஸ்டெம்மாஃப்ரீயே) கண்டுபிடிக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது.

இந்த புதிய புழு இனம் ஒரே நேரத்தில் ஹவாய் (ஓஹு தீவு) மற்றும் இந்தியா (குறிப்பாக சென்னை, கோவளம் கடற்கரையில்பாறை நிறைந்த இடத்திலிருந்து) கண்டுபிடிக்கப்பட்டது. இதன் முடிவுகள் புகழ்பெற்ற சர்வதேச “ஜூடாக்ஸா” இதழில் வெளியிடப்பட்டுள்ளது.

“கடந்த இரண்டு ஆண்டுகளாக தமிழ்நாட்டின் கடற்கரையில்(சென்னை முதல் கன்னியாகுமரி) சேகரிக்கப்பட்ட பல்வேறு நெமர்டியன் புழு இனங்கள் மற்றும் அதன் மாதிரிகள் பற்றிய விரிவான களப்பணி மற்றும் நுண்ணிய ஆய்வுகள் மேற்கொள்ளப்பட்டுள்ளது. இந்த புதிய நெமர்டியன் புழு (டெட்ராஸ்டெம்மாஃப்ரீயே) வெளி மற்றும் உள் உருவ அமைப்பின் அடிப்படையில் புதிய இனம் என்று அடையாளம் காணப்பட்டதாக” தகவல் சேகரித்த சத்யபாமா ஆராய்ச்சி அறிஞர்கள் Mr. விக்னேஷ் மற்றும் Ms.ருச்சி கூறியுள்ளனர்.

மேலும்,“டெட்ராஸ் டெம்மா இனத்தின் கீழ் உள்ள நெமர்டியன் புழு உலகில் 110க்கும் மேற்பட்ட வகைகளைக் கொண்டுள்ளது. இருப்பினும், அதன் பன்முகத்தன்மை இந்தியாவில் மிகவும் குறைவாகவே பதிவு செய்யப்பட்டுள்ளது. இந்திய கடலோரப் பகுதியில் நெமர்டியன் பல்லுயிரியலை ஆவணப்படுத்த தீவிர கள ஆய்வுகள் மேற்கொள்ள வேண்டும் என்றும் எதிர்கால ஆய்வுகளுக்கான நெமர்டீயன்களின் அடையாள குறிப்புகளையும் நாங்கள் தரப்படுத்தியுள்ளோம்” என்று சத்யபாமா விஞ்ஞானி Dr. ராஜேஷ் கூறியுள்ளார்.

“டெட்ராஸ்டெம்மா சில சிக்கலான நெமர்டியன் புழுஇனங்களில் ஒன்றாகும். எங்களிடம் இருக்கும் ஆதாரங்களின் அடிப்படையில் டெட்ராஸ் டெம்மா வெப்பமண்டல கடல்கள் சூழ்ந்திருக்கும் பகுதியில் இன்னும் கண்டுபிடிக்கப்படாமல் உள்ளன. தற்போதைய ஆய்வு நெமர்டியன்களை அடையாளம் காணும் சமீபத்திய ஹிஸ்டாலஜி-இலவச அணுகுமுறையைப் பயன்படுத்தியுள்ளோம். மேலும், இந்த நெமர்டியன் புழுஇனத்திற்கு தேசிய இயற்கை வரலாற்று அருங்காட்சியகம் (என்.எம்.என்.எச்), ஸ்மித்சோனியன் இன்ஸ்டிடியூஷன், அமெரிக்காவில் பல ஆண்டுகளாக புலம் மற்றும் ஆய்வக பணியில் குறிப்பிடத்தக்க உதவிகளை மேற்கொண்ட Ms.ப்ரேயாகோட்ஸ் என்பவரின் பெயரை மரியாதை நிமித்தமாக சூட்டியுள்ளோம்” என்று முன்னணி பேராசிரியர் Dr.அலெக்ஸி செர்னிஷேவ், ரஷ்ய அகாடமி ஆப்சயின்ஸ் மற்றும் அமெரிக்காவின் ஸ்மித்சோனியன் நிறுவனத்தின் Dr. ஜே. எல். நோரன்பர்க் குறிப்பிட்டுள்ளனர்.

மேலும் இந்தப்பதிவில் முதன் முறையாக ‘உருவவியல் மற்றும் டி.என்.ஏ குறிப்பான்கள்’ இரண்டையும் இணைப்பதன் மூலம் ஒருங்கிணைந்த அணுகுமுறையை கையாண்டு இந்த புதிய நெமர்டியன் புழுஇனம் (டெட்ராஸ் டெம்மா ஃப்ரீயே) அடையாளம் காணப்பட்டுள்ளதாக சத்யபாமா இளம் விஞ்ஞானி Dr.பிரகாஷ் கூறியுள்ளார். இவர் டி.என்.ஏ அடிப்படையிலான வகைபிரிவில் அமெரிக்காவில் ஆராய்ச்சியை மேற்கொண்டவர். மேலும், இது போன்ற ஆராய்ச்சிகள் இந்திய கடல்சார் பல்லுயிர்தன்மையில் மிகவும் சிக்கலான இனங்களை கண்டறிய உதவும் என்றும் கூறினார்.

புகைப்படம்: டெட்ராஸ்டெம்மாஃப்ரீயே; உள்படம்: Mr. விக்னேஷ் மற்றும் Ms.ருச்சி

Sportena Academy brings you the ultimate SPORTENA ODC 2020 (Online Drawing Competition)

The competition is open for boys and girls for Classes Pre-KG to Std.VIII
Top 5 places of each categories will be Awarded with Trophy, Medal & Certificate by Courier.
All Participants will get Certificate with medal by Courier.
For further details: 87783 94729 / 9380869045
Sportena Academy

Engineering Students develop V2 BUDDY – The Nursing Robot at Vinayaka Mission

  • Robot to minimize Nursing interference in COVID-19 treatment
  • Developed at Ganesan Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center at AV Campus, Vinayaka Missions Research Foundation

Chennai, 23rd April 2020: There is a growing concern over the spread of the novel coronavirus among medical professionals and frontline healthcare workers. To address this issue, a group of Electrical Engineering students and faculty from AVIT (Aarupadai Veedu Institute of Technology) Chennai, Vinayaka Mission’s Research Foundation (Deemed to be University) along with duo entrepreneurs Mr Premnath and Mr Subramanian have developed a robot called V2 Buddy at the ‘Ganesan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre’. This helps to reduce contact between frontline healthcare nursing staff and Covid-19 patients.

V2 Buddy was today demonstrated at Vinayaka Mission’s Super Speciality Hospital “VIMS” at Salem and deployed in Vinayaka Missions Medical Colleges at Salem, Puducherry and Karaikkal.
V2 Buddy – the Nursing Robot can assist nursing interface by checking the body temperature level of COVID-19 patients, dispensing sanitizing hand rub, delivering medicines and food, enable the nursing staff to interact with COVID 19 patients remotely through video and audio interface from their nursing stations. This helps to minimizes the nursing staff from getting exposed to infection.

This sophisticated nursing robot can be controlled remotely through an app installed on a smartphone by the nursing staff. A Voice enabled Nursing Call facility is also made available through ‘V2 Buddy Call’ through which the Patients in isolation can speak to Nursing Staff in the Nursing Station whenever required for clinical support and counselling.

Mr Premnath, one of the developers said, “V2 Buddy was created after considering the inputs given by the medical and nursing teams of VIMS, the Super Speciality Hospital Unit of Vinayaka Mission Group. They provided guidance on the day-to-day operations and activities of nursing staff in an isolation ward which we attempt to enable through this robot.”

Mr Subramanian, the co-creator explained “The new age gizmo V2 Buddy will be operated using Bluetooth technology and remote sensors from a control console which will be in the hands of the nurse, who will be able to talk to the patient directly.”

“The Ganesan Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center (GIEC) at Vinayaka Mission provided us an ideal platform to build this robot with access to resources, technical support, working space and financial aid” said Prof. Dr. L. Chitra – HOD Electrical and Electronics department, member of steering committee for GIEC, AVIT Chennai and guide for nursing Robot project.

Dr. Meenakshi Sundaram, Medical Director, of Vinayaka Institute of Medical Sciences (VIMS) said, “V2 Buddy is akin to a remote controlled bomb disposal device, as it helps us achieve minimal contact from confirmed COVID-19 patients and still providing adequate care to them. We are glad that we have come up with this new age gizmo which is the need of the hour.” Commenting on this, Dr. Ganesan, Chancellor, Vinayaka Mission Group said “The vision of this GIEC’s Business Incubator is to identify & support potential entrepreneurs and students in developing Minimum Viable Products (MVP) thereby making their dream concept come true and essentially to curtail the import burden by indigenization of products in line with ‘Make in India’ vision of Government of India”

VMRF is planning to donate two of these nursing robots to the Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital in Chennai and at the Indira Gandhi Government Hospital, Puducherry. The production and capacity of ‘V2 Buddy’ will be scaled up according the demand in the market.

Sathyabama deemed university Donated Rs.50 lakh For Fight Against COVID-19 to PM-CARES Fund & Chief Minister’s Public Relief Fund, Tamil Nadu

The only thing that is on the minds of the people currently is the outbreak of the coronavirus and the ongoing lockdown that the entire nation is facing to curb it. Everyone from politicians, film stars, business tycoons to the mango people are in self-quarantine to stop the spread of the virus.

The spread of COVID-19 has hit a lot of people and be it treatment or the need for healthcare facilities like the distribution of masks is somewhere lacking still. To make sure it fastens, several celebs have been contributing to the PM-CARES Fund & Chief Minister’s Public Relief Fund, Tamil Nadu.

Mean while Sathyabama deemed university donated Rs.50 lakh to PM-CARES Fund & Chief Minister’s Public Relief Fund, Tamil Nadu.

Dr.Mariazeena Johnson, Chancellor of Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology, Deemed to be University donated Rs.25 Lakh to PM-CARES Fund and Rs. 25 Lakh to Chief Minister’s Public Relief Fund, Tamil Nadu. The donation is facilitated to the government COVID-19 relief fund. The money transferred through bank in view of lock down.

Aakash Educational Services Limited felicitates JEE MAINS 2020 meritorious students; Chennai Boy Sooraj Srinivasan shines bright at 99.99 percentile, 14 other Aakashians from the City score more than 98 percentile

  • Students felicitated by the Chairman and Managing Director of Aakash Educational Services Limited (AESL), Mr J.C. Chaudhry, at a ceremony at the Adyar branch of Aakash Institute in the City
  • Out of the 14 students, 4 secured 99 and above percentile, while the rest secured 98 percentile and above.



CHENNAI, January 28, 2020: Aakash Educational Services Limited (AESL), the national leader in test preparation services, today felicitated meritorious students of JEE MAINS 2020 from the various branches of Aakash Institute in Chennai. A total of 15 students were felicitated by AESL Chairman and Managing Director, Mr J.C. Chaudhry, at a ceremony held at the Adyar branch of AESL.

Noticeably among the meritorious students is Sooraj Srinivasan, hailing from Chennai, who has done the City and the Institute proud by securing 99.99 percentile at the prestigious JEE Mains 2020 examination.

Also 14 other students have got 98 percentile and above for JEE Mains 2020 from Chennai, an impressive feat that speaks volumes of the Institute’s curriculum, training and faculty.
Out of the 14 students, four students secured 99 percentile and above, while the remaining secured 98 percentile and above. The students who secured 99 percentile and above are Ishaan Agarwal (99.80 percentile), Sharon A (99.55 percentile), Shivam Ruhil (99.23 percentile), and Sonesh Kumar (99.02 percentile).

Congratulating the students and commenting on the impressive results, Mr J.C. Chaudhry, Chairman and Managing Director, Aakash Educational Services Limited (AESL) said: “We are proud that Sooraj Srinivasan secured a percentile of 99.99 and many others qualified JEE Mains 2020 with 98 percentile and above. It is the result of the hard work by the students and our highly focussed study material, talented faculty, quality test assessments that has enabled them to achieve this feat. Congratulations to all our students who have performed well in the JEE Mains 2020 examination. I wish them all the best for their future endeavours.”

The students credited the outstanding performance to burning the midnight oil and the excellent teaching and study material help provided by Aakash experts.

JEE (Main) Examination for B.E./B.Tech. was conducted by NTA between 7th and 9th January 2020 in two shifts per day across 233 cities in the country and abroad. A total number of 9,21,261 candidates were registered for B.E. /B. Tech. in the exam.

Aakash Institute aims to help students in their quest to achieve academic success. It has a centralized in-house process for curriculum and content development and faculty training and monitoring, led by its National Academic Team. Over the years, students from AESL have shown proven selection track record in various Medical & Engineering entrance exams and competitive exams such as NTSE, KVPY, and Olympiads.

About Aakash Educational Services Limited (AESL):

Aakash Educational Services Limited (AESL) provides comprehensive test preparatory services for students preparing for Medical and Engineering Entrance Examinations, School/Board Exams and Competitive Exams such as NTSE, KVPY, and Olympiads. AESL believes that the “Aakash” brand is associated with quality coaching and a proven student selection track record in various Medical and Engineering Entrance Examinations. With over 32 years of operational experience in the test preparatory industry, the company has a large number of selections in Medical & Engineering Entrance Exams, a pan India network of 200+ Aakash Centres (including franchisee), and a student count of more than 250,000.