‘Simplify the Complicated: Breaking down the whys and hows of life’: Colors Tamil In conversation with Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Chennai, 29 August, 2020: “If you can win over your mind, you can win over the whole world”, says global spiritual master and humanitarian, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. In these unprecedented times of crisis fraught with stress, anxiety and uncertainty, COLORS Tamil in association with The Art of Living, has set out to bring a message of peace, wisdom and positivity for all the viewers across Tamil Nadu.

In a thought-provoking fireside chat, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar and Mr. Anup Chandrasekharan, Business Head – COLORS Tamil, conversed about ways to simplify life’s many complications, with Gurudev offering deeply meaningful insights that uplifted the minds of the viewers on topics ranging from mental health, isolation, strenuous relationships, ways and techniques to handle a restless and anxious mind, among others.

“I urge everyone to believe in a power that is over looking all of us, Gurudev said during the interaction, “It will guide and protect us. This is a sense instilled by spirituality. There should be unshakable faith in this power. This will give us psychological strength.” Here’s a snapshot of the enlightening conversation:

Anup:  Work from home has become the new norm. However, more than convenience this work situation has added stress. Especially for women professionals, it is a challenging time to balance work and personal life under one roof. How do we keep our body and mind calm during these times?

Gurudev: Rewind a little bit and think about the world around 30 years back.  We did not have access to modern technology and we didn’t have internet connections. Television was just making its way into our homes. We had to step out for work in order to survive. Now imagine COVID had struck us during a time like that.  We would be much more anxious and stressed. So the positive outlook in today’s situation is that we have the boon of technology making our life a lot safer and easier. Think of this situation as World War -3 with an invisible enemy. We have to divert all our energy in understanding and analysing the intensity of our personal challenges. We should strongly believe that this uncertainty is momentary; we have to be patient and look at the positives.

After a long time, there is a situation for families to spend more time at home. This was rare before. It is normal for personalities to clash, we have to keep an open mind and accommodate each other’s needs. Our tolerance level should increase. Our creative impulses should be heightened.

We should have the patience and a mindset to win in these challenging times.  Focus our mind towards meditation and entertainment activities. This will give us the calmness we seek and strengthen our mind.


Anup: Being with family during these times has heightened our insecurities and fear about future, job and life in general. What are your thoughts on this Gurudev?

Gurudev: We have to develop our self confidence during these uncertain times. This will help us win over anxiety. Even before COVID, uncertainty and anxiety were part of our everyday life. Take share market investors, entrepreneurs and people from the tourism and travel industry, they are facing a really challenging time now. One of the highly impacted ones from this pandemic is our daily wage workers from the unorganized sector.

However, COVID has presented an opportunity for people to come together and help each other. Many organizations and the society in general have come forward to offer timely support to those in need. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to help and be there for each other.

Anup: Our ambitions have taken a back seat looking at the current situation. A wish for leading conservative life is creeping in and people are willing to leave behind the rat-race for a simple life pursuing farming etc. Is this the right thought process?

Gurudev: It’s a good direction to lead your life. But, I urge everyone to see this as a big opportunity. Every crisis is an opportunity to improve self-sufficiency. This will help our nation grow. It is also an important time for us to understand the balance between being over-ambitious and having no ambition at all. If an opportunity presents itself in an uncertain time, grab it.

Anup: There is plenty of negative emotions and news being spread around us. How do you fight these thoughts? 

Gurudev: Journalism has got big responsibilities. First and foremost, present facts as they are. Sometimes it might be gloom and that is when their second responsibility comes in play – to re-kindle hope. Report more of inspirational, soft stories which will help spread positivity. It will strengthen the faith in our society. We should learn to balance negative and positive news.

Anup: COVID has pushed many in a situation where they feel abandoned by friends and family. We hear stories of elderly not able to get timely support from their close circle of people. This made me think about who really are our good friends and our one enemy. What are your thoughts on this Guruji?

Gurudev: COVID is not the only time when the people have felt lonely. There are many situations in our day to day life where family members live countries apart and are not able to support each other in time. But I urge everyone to believe in a power that is over looking all of us. It will guide and protect us. This is a sense instilled by spirituality. There should be unshakable faith in this power. This will give us psychological strength. Depression rates are increasing around the world. Especially amongst teachers, depression rates are alarming. This situation can be handled through meditation, breathing techniques and help us in leading a peaceful life.

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Compilation of 7 Day EKAM WORLD PEACE FESTIVAL with Sri Krishnaji & Sri Preethaji, Co-Creators of EKAM.

Ekam world peace festival has by far been the world’s largest online Meditation festival with over 10 million people participating in it from across the world. Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji are mystics & philosophers who have co-created Ekam. They have created several amazing spiritual journeys and festivals to celebrate the limitlessness and expansion in consciousness. The peace festival has been happening for the last 3 years. This year beginning on Aug 9th for the past 7-days.. It also was commended by many reputed leaders of the world from various sectors of life.

Each day of the peace festival is held with a specific intention to cause the wholistic wellbeing of mankind, all life forms, and Mother Earth.

Day 1 was for Peace between nations.
Day 2 was Peace for children.
Day 3 was Peace between races and religions.
Day 4 was Peace for nature and wildlife.
Day 5 was Peace for women.
Day 6 was Peace for economic sufficiency.
Day 7, the final day- is Peace for collective human evolution.

The world’s largest peace festival drew to a grand culmination yesterday .

Addressing the millions of peace meditators from across the world Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji said, ” Peace is either for all of us or for none of us. Unless all living beings lived in peace, there can be no peace for humankind. And unless every nation became peaceful there is no peace for any nation. And unless every member of your family became peaceful there is no peace for you”

They revealed the philosophy behind Ekam peace festival, saying, “Ekam magnifies our intention for peace dispelling violence from the collective human consciousness.

On this last day of the peace festival young, old, leaders from various sectors, millions of seekers offered their peace meditation as an offering for world peace. They said – Our future is forked.

We could either go down this road driven by our loveless- self-centred- separation driven consciousness, and destroy our earth- the only home for life, that is as yet discovered. Or choose yet another road open to us which takes humanity to oneness consciousness, from which alone we can find enduring solutions to the problems of our world”.

On this occasion Gregg Braden, a five-time New York Best Selling Author and scientist joined online to interact with Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji. They conversed on science & spirituality, heart and brain, on intention and the one unified field of consciousness. Gregg said – There is a beautiful space where science and spirituality are not alone but come together evolving into something more.

Speaking about the mystic geometrical structure of Ekam, he said – these sacred
geometrical structures are the physical representations of the innate patterns of the atoms in our bodies. When we are in the presence of these sacred structures we awaken our consciousness to powerful states of love and peace. And when they are located on the right geo-energy spots magnetic, crystal and structural energies converge amplifying and accelerating human awakening. And Ekam is such a rare structure.”

Their discussion was insightfully rich and brought a very scientific perspective to the spiritual approach taken during the festival. The grand festival reached its pinnacle receiving great appreciation from over 25million peace meditators, leaders, young, and organisational teams.

To present a few to you:

On day1, Kailash Satyarthi, Nobel peace laureate Conversing with Sri Krishnaji said, every young person should go beyond the division of caste, class, community, and nationality and unite for the most marginalized and vulnerable children of the world. He said every adult must connect to the child within. Connecting to innocence within you will lead to a spontaneous action to protect the children of the world.

On day3, Meng Foon, race relations’ commissioner for human rights from New Zealand appreciated the massive initiative of peace undertaken by Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji. He said, “Racial discrimination affects the social, cultural, and economic wellbeing of the community. Cultivating self-reflection and realizing the pain of others by placing ourselves in another’s shoes will stop us from hurting them.”

On day4, Erik Solheim, a former minister in Norway for the environment and international development, a winner of The Champion of the Earth award, and Time magazine’s Hero of the Environment award joined as the guest. He said – ALL RELIGIONS HAVE METOPHORICALLY COMMUNICATED THE IMPORTANCE OF PROTECTING AND SUSTAINING MOTHER EARTH. If we can realize this connection we would allow Mother Earth to thrive. He also said – I see and believe PM Modi is taking the right steps in that direction too.

On day5, supporting the message on women by Sri Preethaji, Mithali Raj, the Captain of India’s Women’s Cricket Team said – “Peace is necessary and meditation is a sure way to peace. Peace during challenges is when we are mindful and not rush into action when we should not.”

Mithali Raj also said that COVID allowed her to meditate and live in the present. It made her breathe deeper and not keep running into the future anxieties or past regrets. She has enriched her life in the interlude provided by COVID.

On the same day in the evening, Saina Nehwal, World Badminton Champion joined as the guest. Simple and natural in her ways, Saina emphasized remaining calm even though situations are stressful and demanding in one’s life. After meditation with Sri Preethaji, she had experienced a deep state of restfulness in such a short time. She said inner peace has been a critical factor in every single match she has won.

On day6, John L Petersen, a futurist, a speaker, and founder of Arlington University joined as the guest.

Speaking to John, when Sri Krishnaji asked – as a futurologist what new trends do you predict for humanity? He said the world is on the verge of a massive paradigm shift. For the future to open up
grand possibilities, humanity must become self-realized. He acknowledged Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji for guiding mankind in the right direction. They concluded the peace festival by thanking all the supporters and meditators from across the world and inviting everyone to Ekam to experience yet more glorious gifts in consciousness.

கொரோனா நெருக்கடி நேரத்தில், உங்கள் வரவேற்பறையிலே ஆன்லைன் மூலம் வாழ்க்கைக்கு வழிகாட்டும் AstroVed நிறுவனம் – ஒரு கண்ணோட்டம்

சம்சார சாகரத்தில் மனிதன் தத்தளிக்கும் நேரத்தில் கலங்கரை விளக்காய் வழி காட்டுவது ஜோதிடம். “அண்டத்தில் உள்ளதே பிண்டத்தில் உள்ளது” என்ற கூற்று மூலம் நாம் இந்த பிரபஞ்சத்துடன் இரண்டறக் கலந்து உள்ளோம் என்பது உள்ளங்கை நெல்லிக்கனி போல நமக்கு தெள்ளத் தெளிவாக விளங்கும். இயற்கை என்பது நமக்கு பல விதங்களில் பாடங்களை கற்றுத் தரும் ஆசான். அந்த வகையில் இன்று நாம் கண்ணுக்குத் தெரியாத கொரோனா என்ற கிருமியுடன் போராடிக் கொண்டு இருக்கறோம்.

உலகமே இன்று ஒரு கிருமியின் கைவசம் உள்ளது. மனித வாழ்க்கையை புரட்டிப் போட்ட இந்தக் கிருமியின் ஆதிக்கத்தில் இருந்து மனித குலம் விடுபடுமா? நாம் குடும்பத்துடன் இணைந்து வாழ முடியுமா? இழந்த வேலை மீண்டும் கிடைக்குமா? வறண்டு போன வாழ்வில் மீண்டும் வசந்தம் தழைக்குமா? இந்தக் கேள்விகள் இன்று கோடானு கோடி மக்களின் மனதில் எழும் போது, இதற்கு விடை காண விழையும் நேரத்தில், வழிகாட்டியாக இருப்பது ஜோதிடம் என்றால் மிகையாகாது.

இன்றைய அசாதரணமான சூழ்நிலையில் உணவை மருந்தாக்கி, உடலை வலுவாக்கி நம்மை காத்துக் கொள்ள நாம் போராட மனதில் வலுவை கொடுப்பது ஆன்மிகம். ஆன்மிகம் என்பது இறை நம்பிக்கையுடன் கூடிய தூய எண்ணம். இதற்கு உரம் சேர்க்க ஆலய வழிபாடு துணை புரியும் என்றாலும் இன்று ஆலயங்களின் வாசலும் கூட நம்மை வரவேற்க வழி வகையின்றி உள்ளது. இவ்வாறு கவலைப்படும் உள்ளங்களே! உங்களின் வரவேற்பறைக்கே இறைவனை வரவழைக்கச் செய்து உங்கள் இல்லத்தையே இறைவன் குடியிருக்கும் கோவிலாக ஆக்க சேவையாற்றும் நிறுவனமாக AstroVed விளங்குகின்றது. பாரம்பரிய ஜோதிடத்தில் மட்டுமின்றி ஜோதிட சாஸ்திரத்தின் பல அங்கங்களிலும் கை தேர்ந்த பல நிபுணர்களைக் தனது கைவசம் கொண்டு, Astrospeaks மூலம் இந்தியாவில் மட்டுமின்றி வெளிநாட்டில் வாழ்பவர்களுக்கும், கொரோனா காலத்தில் அவர்கள் சந்திக்கும் பிரச்சினைகளுக்கும், எதிர்காலம் குறித்த அவர்களின் அச்சத்தை போக்கும் வகையில் உடனடி ஜோதிட ஆலோசனை அளித்து பல வாடிக்கையாளர்களின் நன்மதிப்பைப் பெற்று, இன்றளவிலும் தரத்தில் தனக்கென தனியிடத்தை தக்க வைத்துக் கொண்டுள்ளது AstroVed நிறுவனம்.  ஜோதிட ஆலோசனை தவிர, பூஜை, ஹோமங்கள் போன்ற சேவைகளின் மூலம் பிரச்சினைக்கான தீர்வுகளையும் AstroVed வழங்குகின்றது. உள்நாடு மற்றும் வெளி நாடு என வாடிக்கையாளர்கள் எங்கு இருந்தாலும், அவர்கள் தங்களின் வீட்டு வரவேற்பறையில் இருந்தே பங்கு கொள்ளும் வகையில் இந்த நிறுவனத்தின் சேவை உள்ளது. அது மட்டுமின்றி பழங்கால ஓலைச் சுவடி மூலம் பலன் அறியும் நாடி ஜோதிடம், முக்கியமான வருடாந்திர நிகழ்வுகளுக்கான சிறப்பு விழாக்கள், நேரடி ஜோதிட ஆலோசனைகள், தொலைபேசி மூலம் உடனடி ஆலோசனைகள், மந்திரம், மற்றும் யந்திரங்கள் போன்ற ஆற்றல் வாய்ந்த பரிகார முறைகள், மற்றும் இல்லத்தில் வைத்து பூஜிக்க உகந்த விக்கிரகங்கள் போன்ற இன்ன பிற சேவைகளை வாடிக்கையாளர்கள் எளிதில் பெரும் வகையில் AstroVed சேவையாற்றுகின்றது.

மேலே சொன்ன சேவைகள் யாவும் இறை சேவை என்பதால் அதன் புனிதத் தன்மையை காக்கும் வகையில் AstroVed ஒரு பிரத்யேக ஹோமா மையத்தைக் கொண்டுள்ளது.

வாடிக்கையாளர்களின் சார்பில் அவர்களுக்கு தேவைப்படும் பூஜைகள், ஹோமங்கள் மற்றும் பிற ஆன்மீக நிகழ்வுகளை, அவற்றின் நியம அனுஷடானங்கள் சற்றும் மாறாத வண்ணம் மேற்கொள்கின்றது என்பது இந்த நிறுவனத்தின் சிறப்பம்சம் ஆகும். கொரோனா கிருமி தாக்கம் நிறைந்துள்ள இந்த நெருக்கடியான நேரத்தில் , ஆலயம் செல்ல இயலாத நேரத்தில் இந்த நிறுவனத்ததின் சேவை வாடிக்கையாளர்களுக்கு ஒரு வரப் பிரசாதமாக விளங்குகின்றது. ஒவ்வொரு வாடிக்கையாளரும் தனிப்பட்ட முறையில் பங்கு கொள்ளும் விதமாக, பயனுறும் விதமாக ஜோதிடம் சார்ந்த அனைத்து தகவல்கள் மற்றும் அது சார்ந்த ஆன்மீகத் தீர்வுகளை, ஒரே கூரையின் கீழ் வாடிக்கையாளர்களின் வசதிக்கேற்ப வழங்குகின்றது.

Chennai based music composer Ganesh B Kumar’s ‘Spirit of Humanity’, set for a grand worldwide launch on June 26, 2020, by Navona Records, U.S.A.

  • RISE – Symphony No.1 in D minor; a traditional Symphony in 3 movements
  • THE JOURNEY – the first-ever Symphonic Poem by an Indian composer


Chennai, June 11, 2020: Brimming with passion for enriching human  values,  by  uplifting and elevating the spirit of mankind, city based music composer Ganesh  B. Kumar,  is  all set for the worldwide launch of his new album, ‘Spirit of Humanity’. The album comprising  a Symphony, RISE, and a Symphonic Poem, THE JOURNEY, the first-ever by an Indian composer, brings to light two of the noblest qualities of man’s earthly existence, ‘Optimism and Humanitarianism’, envisaged through the inspiring life stories of the legendary composer – Ludwig Van Beethoven and ‘Maharaj’ Jam Saheb Digvijay Singhji, ruler of the erstwhile princely state of Nawanagar, Gujarat.

Glorious works of many composers wouldn’t have been possible without the patronage of some of the most influential people in society, who were great music connoisseurs. Shining examples of such generosity can be found over centuries, which include patrons such as the Esterhazy family of Hungary to Joseph Haydn, Baron Gottfried van Swieten to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the famous Archduke Rudolph, youngest son of Emperor Leopold II and youngest brother of Emperor Franz, to Ludwig Van Beethoven. In this respect, Shri. Anand Madhavan stands as a lofty example of a steadfast and generous patron to the composer Ganesh B Kumar.

Incidentally, Shri. Anand Madhavan happens to be the great grandson of Shri. V. Krishnaswamy Iyer, who holds the credit for being the first person to  bring  out  some of  Maha Kavi Bharathiyar’s early poems in print, by arranging to publish and distribute copies to various schools. True to the saying, ‘history repeats itself’, Shri. Anand Madhavan walks his great grandfather’s glorious path by being instrumental in bringing out composer Ganesh Kumar’s album, ‘Spirit of Humanity’.


A spellbinding work of collaboration, ‘Spirit of Humanity’, is an ode to optimism and humanitarianism, supported by a dedicated core team, that includes Dr Prem Venkatesh, the dynamic Project Lead from Scotland, Shri. V. Muthukumaraguruswamy, a spiritual guide, erudite scholar and Chief Linguistic Consultant, Mrs. Georgina Margarite Ezra, Songwriter, Translator and Linguistic Trainer, and Shri. Anand Madhavan, the backbone and the Patron of the project.


Both the works have been performed and recorded by the Staatskapelle Orchestra, Halle, Germany, under the baton of the renowned conductor Bernd Ruf, comprising 91 instrumentalists, along with 31 singers from the Choir of the Opera Halle, conducted by Markus Fischer.


Speaking at the pre-launch press meet, Ganesh B Kumar shared with us his exciting journey of the making of “Spirit of Humanity”.

In his words: “It has always been my goal to compose music that enriches and uplifts the human spirit. When Dhahara Vidhya Foundation, a non-charitable Trust from Chennai, India, commissioned me to write two orchestral works, I was looking for motivational and socially impactful themes that would benefit mankind. I was reminded of the famous quote of Confucius, “The greatest glory in living, lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall”, which inspired me to draw parallels with the life of Ludwig van Beethoven, one of the greatest musical geniuses of all time, whose music rose above every fall he experienced in his life.


It is a known fact that Beethoven’s own circumstances were miserable – loveless and pain- stricken with progressive deafness. Yet, he overcame these obstacles, churning out timeless compositions. I have tried bringing out this dichotomy in the symphony RISE, with the descending phrases depicting the various falls in his life, while the consequent victorious emergence is pronounced through the ascending phrases, invoking the spirit of positivity and perseverance”.


Speaking on his second composition, Ganesh Kumar said, “As with the first composition, I was seeking a challenging and meaningful theme for my second work. My search ended when Shri. Anand Madhavan drew my attention to a treasure trove of lesser known historic events of pre-independence India (1942-1947), which included the touching act of humanitarianism by Maharaj Jam Saheb Digvijay Singhji, who was the first ruler to open doors to and save the lives of thousands of Polish refugees during the Second World War. The magnanimity of the Maharaj and the riveting tale of displacement, despair, migration and resettlement of Polish refugees from the Soviet Union to India, inspired me to write the Symphonic Poem THE JOURNEY – from Despair to Hope, as a fitting tribute to the ‘Maharaj’, ruler of the erstwhile princely state of Nawanagar, Gujarat.


THE JOURNEY begins with a melancholic aria, Lost Souls, penned by Georgina Margarite Ezra, depicting the desolate condition of the Polish children.  The pinnacle of this composition is the inclusion of a timeless Tamil poem from Purnanooru, Undaal amma ivvulagam, written by the ancient King of the Sangam era, Kadalul Maaindha Ilamperuvazhudhi.  The king, through this poem, gave mankind a poetic message about humanitarian values, several centuries ago. This poem has been used as an analogy to highlight the generosity and large-heartedness of the Maharaj. The sole credit for choosing this poem and imparting linguistic training to the German singers goes to Shri. V. Muthukumaraguruswamy.


Special significance – The worldwide release of the album, Spirit of Humanity”, featuring RISE and THE JOURNEY, on June 26th this year, attains special significance due to the fact that the current year 2020, happens to be the 250th birth anniversary of Ludwig Van Beethoven, as well as the 75th anniversary, commemorating the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany, to   the Allied forces in 1945, thereby ending World War II in Europe. The universal message of the spirit of positivity and humanity conveyed through this album, would surely provide musical solace during these troubled times of the pandemic.


More about the album:


RISE: A tribute to the legendary composer Ludwig Van Beethoven on his 250th birth anniversary, the symphony RISE invokes the ‘Spirit of Positivity & Perseverance’.  It sheds light on how Beethoven emerged triumphantly as one of the most successful composers of all time, overcoming various hardships in his life. It is a humble tribute by Kumar to one of the greatest musical geniuses of all time, whose music rose above every fall he experienced in his life.


The piece draws heavily on Beethovian elements from the first measure to the last, and includes, among others, reminiscences of Beethoven’s most popular themes, such as the opening motif of the composer’s Fifth Symphony, but consciously introducing a rising figuration (as against the falling 3rds of the original) signifying positivity and perseverance.


THE JOURNEY: The symphonic poem, THE JOURNEY – from Despair to Hope, is a large piece of program music that reminds the listener of the little-known terrible hardships of Polish refugees in the early 1940’s, when thousands of displaced Poles in Russia, owing to a great humanitarian act by Maharaj Jam Saheb Digvijay Singhji, embarked on an arduous journey to India, and found a new home in the then princely Indian state of Nawanagar, Gujarat.


This composition paints the deprivation, desolation, and truculent perseverance of the refugees in stark tonal colors and the finale, an extolment of the Maharaj’s generosity, vividly evokes the satisfaction and relief in the face of a suffering overcome. The Symphonic Poem makes a powerful case for pacifism on the 75th anniversary of the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany to the Allied forces, in 1945, there by ending World War II in Europe.


‘Undaal Amma Ivvulagam’- An a cappella in Tamil: As a reprise,  Undaal Amma Ivvulagam,   a timeless poem from Purananooru, written by the ancient King Kadalul Maaindha Ilamperuvazhudhi, is featured as a bonus track in the album as an a cappella, sung by Shalini Singh Balaji and Keshav Vinod Kumar, thereby giving an Indian twist to conclude the Album.


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