PRAVIN PSY Fashion presents “THE WEDDING DAY VIRTUAL TOUR” featuring exclusive wedding designs by Chaitanya Rao on 15th September 2020 at 5.30pm

PRAVIN PSY Fashion presents “THE WEDDING DAY VIRTUAL TOUR” featuring exclusive wedding designs Chaitanya Rao on 15th September 2020 (Tuesday) at 5.30 pm.

This dream project by Pravin PSY, Founder of Fall Fashion Week Bangalore will showcase exclusive wedding designs by Chaitanya Rao with the theme of a Royal Wedding. The virtual tour will see top models’ showcasing these royal wedding designs set against the majestic backdrop of JW Marriott Hotel Bengaluru. The cinematography of this show is done by Studio Bangalore.


The fashion show which was shot on 4th September 2020 while following all the safety protocols will be officially launched by Nevanta Media on 15th September 2020 at 5.30 pm and will be available on select online platforms.

Cheap & Best Affordable Mens Salon 4th new outlet at Kolathur

Cheap & Best Affordable Mens Salon a premium specialty salon adds another feather to its cap with its brand at Venkateshwara Nagar, Kolathur.

Fourth Grand Cheap & Best Mens Salon was inaugurated by Ms.Celena, Ms.Niharika, Master Charlie and Ms.Nikitha. Mrs. Priya and Mrs. Saraswathy lighted the lamp at the auspicious occasion.

The premium specialty salon functions throughout the year from 8am to10pm . After three successful outlets that the city loved and welcomed enter a premium space keeping in mind the expanding clientele of Chennai City.““With affordable price on hair cut for 99/- and more attractive rates with combo pack on other services with international ambience, promise to provide you the best service.

Professional stylists here, hold an extensive background and proven track record and continue to stay updated on new technologies and practices technicalities in hair, constantly updating their clients look with the perfect colour, design and proper care.“

CHEAP & BEST AFFORDABLE MEN’S SALON located at No.73,Venkateswaran Nagar, Kolathur, Chennai – 600 099. 

contact phone No:- 9840776834

Shreyaa Sumi wins the Title Mrs Madarase India 2020

Shreyaa Sumi from chennai has been crowned as Mrs Madarase India 2020 title winner on 14th March 2020 held at chennai.

Madarase India beauty pageant is one of south India’s biggest talent hunts being presented by madarase entertainments, founder/CEO Mr.Saffi berry.

Mrs madarase 2020 season-3 pageant with a cause, for the welfare of physically challenged. Jury members included Fine shine director Anil Kothari, Fashion Designer Chitra selvakumar and Actor Vignesh

The pageant witnessed contestants from various cities walking the ramp where they had different rounds like Introduction round, Question Answer round, freestyle costume round. After competing in all three levels, Shreyaa sumi was crowned Mrs Madarase India 2020.

Shreyaa sumi is an inspiration for all women, she started following her passion in the modelling industry after having her child. She is also a graduate with Master’s degree and a former business professional. She strongly supports gender equality and volunteers for social causes to help under-privileged children because they radiate hope for the future.

Shreyaa sumi says, it gives me immense happiness to have won such a coveted title, I am thankful to my husband and my mom who stands beside my every step in this empowering and transformational journey. I always believe dreams do come true if we have the courage to pursue them.

Mrs madarase India is a prestigious platform for all married women who balance the shades of life with elegance, charm and confidence to become the ‘Beauty Queen’ not just by looks but by inner beauty with purpose.

CHRONICLE OF WEDDINGS – 2020 CALENDAR – AN HISTORICAL JOURNEY OF INDIAN WEDDINGS launched by Actress Sai Dhanshika ,Actress Nandhita Swetha, Actress Sanam Shetty

India is home to thousands of cultures and the weddings in India tell a story of historical preservation yet constant evolution. Wedding Vows is thrilled to showcase this shared heritage of ours in the 2020 Calendar: Chronicle of Weddings.
Chronicle of Weddings is a poem of weddings in India and the art and culture that is woven into them. You will see some ceremonies that you recognize and love, and others that have been lost into the pages of history. Its a part of this artistic expression and shared love for our culture  in celebrating the historical journey of Indian weddings.
Here’s a quick brief about the inspiration behind our calendar months.
Photography by: Cuts & Glory Studios,Decor Partners: Atulya Weddings, Floral Hut, Nalesa by Geethanjali and The Wedding Company
March- The month to relive the golden era of the Mughals.
The Mughal wedding reflects the prosperity of the empire and was an excellent canvas for bringing out our creativity in design.
Portrayed by: Riyaz Ahmed & Yashika Anandh
April- The month to be transported to the ancient Chola country.
The Cholas have been the personification and epitome of pride, fashion, progress and culture in Tamil Nadu. The cultural history of this community is exceedingly rich and it is showcased in this ethereal wedding. 
Portrayed by:Sai Dhanshika & Kumar
May- The month to be mesmerized by the stunningly developed Vijayanagara Empire of Andhra Pradesh.
Royal weddings in the Vijayanagara empire were a combination of lavish preparations and religious traditions. The prosperity of the Andharas is carried over to this date.
Portrayed by: Anju Kurian & Bharath Raj
 June- A month to cherish the stunning Ahom tradition of Assam.
Enriched by many Dynastic traits, the land of Assam remains one of the most enticing states of India. Along with one of its decade long traditions of Ahom
Portrayed by: Mona Sorokhaibam & Hitesh Deka
July- A month dedicated to the beautiful land and culture of Manipur
The people from Manipur cherish and love their culture and traditions and they abide by them wholeheartedly. The same wholeheartedness can be observed in a traditional Manipuri wedding which is an amazing fusion of color and traditions.
Portrayed by: Priyanka Borah and Prasanti Tiwari.
August- The month to indulge in the enthralling history of Karnataka
Weddings during this period focused mainly on traditional rituals and less on pomp and show. India, witnessed a great flowering in all the fields of art and literature during this period.
Portrayed by: Nandhita Swetha & Pradeep
September- The month to appreciate the honorable royal Rajputs.
Marriages were occasions for great celebration. Their impact on the wedding culture of India will forever be rejoiced.
Portrayed by: Gino Thomas & Sanam Shetty
October- A month to live by the code of the brave Sikh empire
The religious wedding ceremony of the mighty Sikhs is known as Anand Karaj – a blissful union. Their lifestyle is simple yet dignified. 
Portrayed by: Nandha Kishore & Sherlin Seth
November- A month to celebrate the exquisite traditions of the Bengal
Bengal has a rich history and beautiful cultural heritage. This was reflected in the historical Bangla weddings. Bengali Hindu weddings are a blend of traditional customs and constant evolution.
Portrayed by: Prabha Mathi & Rakhesh
December- The month to ponder over the ever-evolving Malayalam society.
The result of the reform is that Kerala has a relatively recent wedding traditions. The earlier versions of the Hindu Kerala wedding were very simple and elegant
Portrayed by: Dhanashree & Hadlee
January-  The month to take a peek at the progressive Marathas kingdom.
Shivaji Maharaj’s vision encompassed the dev, desh, and dharma, meaning God, Country, and Religion as a unity. This love for tradition and religion can be seen in every aspect of the Maratha life, and it’s especially apparent in a wedding.
Portrayed by: Sudharshan & Anjena Kirti
February-  A month to admire the Zorastrian way of nuptials.
Weddings within the Parsi community are known as ‘Lagan’ and they display the Iranian roots of the community with a hint of local customs. Parsis have integrated themselves into Indian society while simultaneously maintaining or developing their own distinct traditions and cultural identity.
Portrayed by: Mahima De & Thejank