CG Corp Global Launches its first, iconic brand WaiWai City in Chennai

CG Corp Global announces Strategic Road Map for Tamil Nadu, Launches its first, iconic brand WaiWai City Noodle Bar in Chennai

~ Company is all set to go out with its South India Expansion Plans~

Chennai: 25th  May  2018: CG Corp Global, one of the leading FMCG companies in India and a transnational conglomerate, today announced their entry in to the South India market with the launch of iconic brand ‘WaiWai City Noodle Bar’ in Jawahar Nagar, Chennai, TN.

WaiWai City is a first of its kind fast Food Noodle Bar which operates in the Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) format. The outlet deviates from sticking to the standard quick service restaurant layout by moving on to creating a functional space without compromising on the fun through its colourful graphics.

CG Corp is planning to open-up 250 WaiWai City Noodle Bars in South India by the end of 2020 and out of it 75 would be in TN.

The company has recently announced the launch of 30WaiWai City Noodle Bar outlets across the country and planning to open up another 500outlets towards the end of December 2020. Company has already spent Rs. 50 Crore towards its pan India roll-out and further planning to invest Rs. 250 crore by the end of 2020. It is planning to capture a market size of Rs. 1000 crore from the WaiWai City by the end of 2025.

“Over the years CG group has always looked and explored businesses ‎that provided the consumer an affordable and exciting opportunity to engage with the Category. Instant Noodles in India as a category has a very low per capita consumption base. We realised that unless the consumer starts experiencing the Noodle format in various forms and finds new reasons to consume, this category will remain small in India unlike other markets we operate in. WaiWai City is an extension of the WaiWai Noodle brand; WaiWai City brings the noodle consumption moment alive. These outlets, apart from offering delicious and standardised meals, also helps the consumer experience Noodles beyond regular recipes” said, Binod Chaudhary, Chairman CG Group

“Today we are very happy to announce the launch of our iconic brand WaiWai City Noodle Bar in Chennai. It is a prestigious marker for us; because it provides us the ideal opportunity to resonate the long term vision set by our Chairman: We have been aiming to reach various corners of the nation and set up high experience Noodle consumption outlets. Our first outlet was set up in Delhi in Aug 2016. Over the last couple of years we have set up over 25 outlets in India and Nepal. It has been a great learning experience for us. Today we meet to present to you’ll an improved version of new offering. Designed by one of the best Chefs in the industry, innovative and adaptive to the ever evolving tastes of the new age consumer” said, Varun Chaudhary, MD WaiWai City and ED CG Corp Global.

The new hand crafted menu in WaiWaiCityreeks of this new thinking. Additionally, by using the long format noodles, we aim to introduce the concept of SILKY NOODLES the term which primarily comes from cooking the noodles in a way that it gives our customers the fun experience of slurping them instead of just eating them like any other noodle.

The dishes have been crafted keeping in mind the customers’ cultural food palate (both traditional and contemporary). Hence, WWC menu offers everything from a snackywaiwai city bhel to south Indian flavoured noodles to the very contemporary and current favourite; THAICurry flavoured noodles. The new desserts and beverages are no exception to this concept.From an exotic funky tiramisu and cherry coke (beverage) to a nimbu masala one can have it all at the WaiWai City.

“New exciting, fresh and ‎innovative recipes for on the go consumption and it is a great mix of Starter Delights and main offering at price points that make the experience first of its kind. These recipes have been created and designed by our team of Chefs and we intent to patent them” said, Chef Shanti Chauhan

In India, while overall food as a category is already a cluttered one with new cuisines, flavours, styles of cooking etc being introduced every single day, NOODLES as a space is rather unexplored. In India, all things noodles is either Chinese or Instant packet noodles, no player has tried to either break that myth nor have they exposed the customers to a new way of consuming noodles. Every WaiWai City outlet on the other hand does just that. It not only breaks the myth about noodles but also delights it customers by offering a large spread of different styles &flavours of noodles. With its new menu, WaiWai City stands true to being a NOODLE BAR.

We will grow through Master Franchisee and Sub Franchisee route. We have assigned 25 Master Franchisees in the country who will operate their own outlets in addition to sub-franchising the brand in their respective regions. This helps us expand quickly at the same time it ensures that the outlet is operated as per the set guidelines and standards. The Master Franchisee represents the brand in its region and controls the operational aspect of the outlets.

“The start has been very exciting and encouraging. Our objective is to have between 300/ 350 outlets in India by the year end 2019. The consumer experience for us is most critical and our mission is to offer the same experience of food and ambiance across all our outlets in India and globally” – Pannkaj Neeraj, CEO WaiWai City

The new outlets have more energy, vibrancy and youthfulness attached to it. The menu and the pricing will definitely attract larger foot traffic. The way we are presenting different flavours of Noodles in our outlets, we are   confident that our consumers will love it and they will have reasons to visit us more frequently. The new range of “ WaiWai Delights” will sure be one of the most sought after menu items in our outlets. We have also added multiple flavours in Beverages and some mouth-watering desserts in the new menu.