Chennai Citi Centre is proud to presentChennai’s Pongal Thiruvizha, Kola Pottibeginning from the 14th to the 19th andTraditional Fashion Show on the 16th of January 2020.

When the month of January begins every south Indian in the state of Tamil Nadu knows it is time for the celebration of Pongal. Pongal is the celebration of the year’s harvest. Pongal is about celebrating the good yield and giving thanks to Mother Nature for providing a good year of harvest.

Pongal is also the celebration of colours and dancing. On the day of pongal many perform beautiful dance moves and a lot of fun game and activities take place. Beautiful display of colourful kolam can be seen on the outside of every individual’s houses.

Chennai Citi Centre is happy to announce that they will be hosting a Kola Potti. The competition will be held on the grounds of the mall and will commence on the 14th of January through the days to the 19th of January 2020.

Taking any culture into consideration tradition is of at most importance and it is celebrated with dignity and pride. When it comes to tradition many cultural aspects follows it, one of which is the traditional attire. For pongal the women wear beautiful silk half sarees and the men wear pure cotton Dhoti’s. To celebrate this fashionably traditional outfits on the 16thof January 2020, 4pm onwards Citi Centre is hosting a traditional fashion show. There are a lot of exciting prices and it will be a fun filled experience for the participants.

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For more details contact, +91 9003278585 / 9384008999

Venue: Chennai Citi Centre

Date: 14th – 19th January 2020