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Dhileepan’s ‘YEVAN’ movie is set to release on April 7.

The film ‘YEVAN ‘ is produced and directed by debutant director Duraimurugan on behalf of Sun Light Cinemas. Dhileepan pugazhendhi is the hero of the story and actress Deepani Mano has been paired with him along with J.K. Sanjeeth, Ujjini Roy, gana Bala, Paandi Ravi, and others have acted. Cinematography by Sivaraman and  A.K. Sasitharan composed the music. The songs featured in the film were written by the late Pulavar Bulamaipitthan, Viveka, gana Bala and Ekha Rajasekhar did the film editing work. Dhileepan Pugazhendhi, the grandson of poet Pulavar  Pugazhendhi, is the hero of the film.

Speaking about the film, the director said that there have been many films centered on the mother-son relationship in the Tamil film industry. But in this film, we have set the screenplay of mother son relationship from a new angle. That means the hero of the story will give his life to his mother and also, take life for his mother. This is the one line story in this film. ‘YEVAN ‘ is all set to entertain all types of audiences.

He has acted in all the fight scenes in this film without putting any dope. Actor Dileepan, who trained in fighting properly, surprised everyone by acting like Jackie chan in a scene where he jumped from the 20th floor even when the people on the set told him to do so. Dhileepan pugazhendhi, the hero of the movie Evan (YEVAN), has the ability to show stunts like actor Ajith Kumar in two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicle stunts.

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