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ElementalStories presents the 2nd Edition ‘Beyond Sustainable 2.0’ – An exclusive pop-up show curated by Shweta Mahtani at Crowne Plaza, Alwarpet

ElementalStories’s second edition showcased the “Beyond Sustainable 2.0” curated by Shweta Mahtani at Crowne Plaza, Alwarpet. It provided the people of Chennai with an exclusive fashion pop-up show.

The second edition ‘Beyond Sustainable 2.0’ was inaugurated by Vimmi Deepak, Deepti Akki and Garima Agarwal.

“As a mother, I feel the responsibility to pass on the torch of living a Conscious life, being aware of what is happening in the environment, being holistic and healthy is all I wanted to do for my future generation” – Shweta Mahtani (ElementalStories Curator)

About ElementalStories – ‘Beyond Sustainable 2.0’

‘Beyond Sustainable 2.0’ is an exclusive pop-up curated by Shweta Mahtani. Having a goal of creating a sustainable lifestyle and community, it is about to host a variety of 35+ ethical brands and 15 fabulous Conscious brands showcasing for the first time in Chennai from across the Country.

To make the whole day fun and exciting, the pop-up is going to be filled with clothing, accessories, beauty, décor, food, workshops, and much more, all under one roof.

“The 2nd edit of ElementalStories is a curating mix of goodness for the planet and so chic and trendy”.

Special mentions to the brands Wendell Rodericks, Ikai Asai, Asa Beauty, Bloni, Naushad Ali, The Summer House, and Doodlage. The guests were spoiled for choice as they get to indulge in affordable luxury and shopping.

Brands on board


1. Curated Curiosities

2. Studio Beej

3. Wendell Rodericks

4. World of Ra

5. Bloni

6. We wear equal

7. Baya Shoes

8. Twee in one

9. Mulberry Blue

10. 1231 Studio

11. Naushad Ali

12. Nambi Koi

13. Ode the label

14. Windie

15. Studio Rigu

16. Button Masala

17. Yam

18. The Summer House

19. Recharkha

20. Ruui By Ridhika Jain

21. Forty Winks

22. Oh Scrap

23. Doodlage

24. Sneha Bagrecha

Home décor

1. Oh Yay Project

2. Ikai Asai

3. Paper Dolphin

4. Purple Dream Catcher

5. The Rewrap Company

Clean Beauty & Personal Hygiene

1. Disguise

2. Asa Beauty

3. Plastic Free Madras

Healthy food & Wellness

1. Kase Cheese

2. Butter Heads

3. Juru Yoga

4. India Hemp & Co


1. 28 Little Eli

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