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Round Table India (RTI) and Ladies Circle India (LC) execute projects and community service activities, year in and year out, to help uplift the society, help the underprivileged by building schools, toilet blocks and various other community service activities.


All this is possible only through the magnanimity of their donors who support them throughout the year. They are pleased to present the donors meet of Area 2 conducted during the RTI/LC week. It is a day to honour, thank and felicitate their donors.


They would like to thank and facilitate the donors who support the entirety of Area 2 (Chennai, Pondicherry & Nellore) and the individual tables and circles to acknowledge their generosity and support. A brief report of the work done in the past which was presented to showcase the work that is currently ongoing as well.


They are proud to name these companies/individuals are their csr partners/ donors :

1. R.R.Donnelly


3. SBI Cards

4. Challani Jewellers

5. Kauvery Hospital

6. Shriram Finance

7. Kirtilals

8. Cognizant

9. Shobha Padam Challani Foundation


RTI & LCI honouring them for the continued support and look forward to a long and healthy working relationship with them.

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