FICCI’s Seminar on New Education Policy – “LEADING SCHOOLS TO THE FUTURE”

Chennai, 14th Feb: Education sector has undergone a tremendous change ever since we got our Independence. It all began with Dr Radhakrishnan Commission way back in 1948 followed by various other Commissions up until the NEP (New Education Policy). It is in lieu of this newly proposed policy, FICCI had organized a conference featuring eminent from the education sector. SRM was the Event Sponsor. The event was a great success since it witnessed a house-full audience who shared their view points on the NEP.

In the words of Prof.C.Muthamizhchelvan, Director-Faculty of Engineering & Technology, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, “I emphasize of Choice Based Flexible Credit system in the education sector. The student-faculty ratio is one of the important aspects as it helps in achieving greater results by providing assistance, instantly. Methodology of teaching also plays a vital role because when there is a short break between the classes, it will help capturing the interest of the students over the subject. We have developed IDEAL – Inter Disciplinary Experiential Active Learning which would help the students select the subjects in line with their interest. Through Technology Enabled Delivery program, we could achieve good results. We offer 20 major subjects across various fields including Aerospace, Mechanical, Electronics, Computer Science, Automobile, Chemical etc., We also have one Credit Course which is compulsory where in the student has to complete it through self-learning or through industry support. We encourage students to participate in competitions like hackathon with hundreds of mentors monitoring and assisting the students. We also undertake industry consultancy as well. Our placement records stands as a testimony to our achievements since more than 8,000 students have been placed in reputed organization. We give placement oriented programs in our campus. Students has to be trained by the school teachers since there will be a gap on the transition between school to college”.

With regards to the New Education Policy on Primary Education, Padmabhushan Dr.T.Ramasami said “I have changed 20+ schools in my eleven years of education and before I could go into the context, I wanted to extend my gratitude to the teachers who taught me. The role played by primary school teachers in the development of persona cannot be structured and shown. Education is about persona development.

Now we look at empowerment be it with an individual or the nation which is a social structure. Conversion of Knowledge into resource is in play now which is why we hear the terms like developed nation, developing nation etc., Education should not focus only on what is around. Every child born in this country must have access to education. This should be given in a fair/affordable manner. Excellence is differentiation. We need to have Universal Access, Social Equity, High Quality, Affordability and Accountability when it comes to education. We should not forget the role of culture as it plays a vital role. Economic change through empowerment should happen”.

Dr.G. Balasubramanian, Former Director, CBSE said “Lot of inputs had gone into making this NEP since 2016. This may not be relevant to Teachers or Principal but to Administrative domain of the education system. A school stands for a concept, ideal and philosophy. It is not the name of the school or the management that matters but the concept and philosophy. To bring out what is best in you, is Education. Do not look at these policies as a mere tool since lot of thought process has gone into these over a period of few years. We need to give more importance to vocational education compared to academic education which unfortunately isn’t the case here. The NEP 2019 is aimed at transforming our nation into an equitable and vibrant knowledge society. This is made possible by providing education to all.”

Through various slides, Dr.G. Balasubramanian also discussed about Rashtriya Shiksha Aayog(RSA) and State Shiksha Aayog(SSA) and the functions of them which includes Setting Standards, Funding, Accreditation and Regulation. Apart from this, new initiatives were also discussed.

Prof. N. Sridhar, Convenor, Education Panel, FICCI TNSC who was also the moderator of the session, asked questions to the panelists about the best education system of Sweden and new way of tourism in Finland which was answered by Dr.G.Balasubramanian and Padmabhushan Dr.T.Ramasami. When asked about pursuing higher studies overseas, Padmabhushan Dr.T.Ramasami proudly said the situation has reversed with most of them staying back in India after their education in IIT. He also said proudly “If we take the Top 500 Students from the IIT, they can beat anybody in the World”.