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First center of EPIONE Centre for Pain Relief inaugurated in Chennai

Chennai, 18th July, 2022: The new branch of EPIONE, Centre for Pain Relief and Beyond Pain Ortho Neurology & Regenerative Clinics, was inaugurated at Marshalls Road, Rukmani Lakshmipathy Salai, Egmore by Dr.Sudhir Dara, Founder & Director – EPIONE and Dr.Chetana Chetan, Clinical Head of EPIONE Chennai.

Star Health and Allied Insurance Co. Ltd, Managing Director Mr. S. Prakash was the guest of honour. Amrit Group of Hospitals Chairman and Managing Director Mr. M. Sohanraj and Ms. Vimala Sohanraj were the special invitees.

The USB of EPIONE pain management center is the “concept of regenerative therapy”. This concept has been very well accepted in western countries but in India, the revolution was brought about by Dr. Sudheer Dara, Founder & Director of EPIONE & Chief of Pain Medicine.

Dr. Sudheer Dara said, “Over a long period of consulting a Chronic arthritis patient, I realised a major population suffers from pain till the last stage and then finally has to undergo the burden of replacement surgeries. I then realised a need to treat such patients so that they do not suffer pain in their aging. After intense research in the field of Regenerative therapy I have treated more than 10,000 patients who are now leading a pain free healing life .”

He added that EPIONE is one of its kind multidisciplinary chronic pain management center in South India.

“Several patients with joint pain, including knee and shoulder, are treated successfully, through non-surgical, minimally invasive day care procedure – Regenerative therapy or Platelet rich plasma therapy. The differential USB of this center is Non-surgical approach to all kinds of chronic pain by methods like Radiofrequency ablation, Nerve root blocks, Regenerative therapy (Platelet rich plasma therapy), Botox injections, Trigger point injections in a comprehensive holistic manner to treat all aspects of chronic pain sufferers,” he added.

He further said that regenerative therapy or Platelet rich plasma therapy, is an FDA approved and relatively new therapy, with not many practicing it in this part of the world, though it has become one of the mainstream treatment modalities for chronic joint pains and arthritis management, in the USA and developed countries.

“The advantages over the conventional treatment options are Immediate return to work , Minimal or no side effects., Avoids the need for major surgeries, Patients heal faster than treatment with conventional methods, Cost-effective and Results similar to all conventional mode of treatments,” Sudheer Dara added.

Dr. Chetana Chetan, Clinical Head of EPIONE and Chief Consultant Pain Physician said that the concept of pain medicine is a branch of Allopathy medicine.

“PAIN MEDICINE is being practiced in the western countries for more than 30 years, but relatively very new in India. Not many doctors and public are aware of this allopathic branch . Every 1 in 5 adults suffer from pain during their lifetime , many not knowing where to get treated . This shows that there is a definitive need for the people to have an access to south india s best pain management centre like EPIONE , in CHENNAI too . With an aim to create a PAIN-FREE TOMORROW, Epione CHENNAI offers treatment to all types of chronic pain without surgery, using a multidisciplinary approach .”

About EPIONE: With an accomplished team of pain specialists backed by Neurologists, Orthopedicians, Psychologists, Physiotherapists & Rehab Experts, we at EPIONE we helped over 10000+ patients lead a pain-free life. With the concept infused from EPIONE, one of India’s leading pain management centers founded by Dr. Sudheer Dara, Dr Chetana Chetan-headed Chennai branch aims to transform the lives of people by providing an exceptional, easily accessible healthcare facility for all to create a PAIN FREE society.

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