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For the first time in India, Asian Orthopaedic Institute at SIMS Hospital opens a Cutting-edge Comprehensive 360° Hip Surgery facility and four new advanced technology services.

Chennal, June 13, 2023 ADI (Asian Orthopaedic Institute) at SIMS Hospital, a premier healthcare facility is pleased to announce the launch of its Comprehensive Hip Surgery Unit. Advanced Innovations in the treatment of hip problems & pathologies are being introduced to mark this occasion. All the four new technologies are being introduced for the first time in the country. With this, we at SIMS-AGI hope to further improve the outcomes for the benefit of our patients and take the management of hip pathologies & surgeries to the next level. The Hospital is happy to introduce the highly sophisticated Chicago Hip Preservation Service, NAVISWISS System, Docking Augment Technology, and Polymotion Advance Hip Resurfacing System for the first time in the country.

The Chicago Hip Preservation Service – True to its name, this service will be run by highly skilled experts with decades of experience alded by the advanced imaging offered at SIMS Hospital. The aim of this endeavour is to identify, detect and treat the problems before the painful arthritis sets in and in some cases totally prevent it. Combining cutting-edge technologies, advanced imaging & Keyhole procedures, this service promises to be a key element of this unit, hitherto not available here. The introduction of the revolutionary NAVISWISS System, a recent innovation in surgical navigation system for hip replacements, forms the foundation of the Comprehensive Hip Surgery Unit.


This revolutionary device offers accurate and real-time guidance during hip procedures, boosting the surgeon’s ability to obtain optimal results while minimising invasiveness. By implementing the NAVISWISS System in surgical procedures, the unit hopes to offer patients, the greatest level of care while also increasing the likelihood of successful hip preservation.


Introduction of the Custom Docking Augment Technology has been a gamechanger in enhancing the techniques in difficult hip surgeries and revision hip surgery. With the help of this cutting-edge technology, implants may be placed precisely resulting in increased stability, mobility, and patient satisfaction. The Custom Docking Augment Technology demonstrates the hospitals dedication to individualised patient care and ongoing pursuit of perfection in Orthopaedic surgery.


In addition to these ground-breaking innovations, the hospital is pleased to offer Polymotion, a new generation hip resurfacing technology, the most recent development in hip resurfacing operations. It offers patients a better hip resurfacing alternative that protects bone, enhances joint function and shortens the recovery time. Adopting the recent innovations in material that are safe and lasting and combining it with precise surgical methods, ADI at SIMS Hospitals is staying a step ahead. By introducing this pioneering technique to the patients, it proves that SIMS Hospital dedicated to providing the most cutting-edge treatment alternatives.


Dr. P Suryanarayan, Director & Senior Consultant, Orthopaedic Surgery, AOI, SIMS Hospital, said “Adopting and innovating in this field is a big step forward in the future of hip surgery. Our comprehensive Hip unit brings together these 4 cutting-edge technologies to deliver unparalleled precision and the best patient outcomes. We are proud to offer a new standard in the surgical care of hip problems.


Dr. Vijay C Bose, Joint Director & Senior Consultant, Orthopaedic Surgeon, AOI, SIMS Hospital said “We are thrilled to inaugurate our Comprehensive Hip Surgery Unit and launch the Chicago Hip Preservation Service, cutting-edge technologies, such as the NAVISWISS System Custom Docking Augment Technology and new gen Polymotion technique with the expertise of our highly skilled surgeons, we are confident that we will deliver outstanding results and positively impact the lives of our patients.”


Dr. Ravi Pachamuthu, Chairman, SRM Group said “The introduction of the Comprehensive Surgery Unit and the launch of four new advanced technologies at SIMS Hospitals shows that our commitment to offer latest in Orthopaedic care and providing patients with the highest quality treatment options. With a of experienced surgeons, state-of-the-art facilities, and the most advanced technologies available, we are poised to redefine the standards of hip surgery and elevate patient outcomes to new heights”.


About SIMS Hospital: SIMS Hospitals (SRM Institutes for Medical is one of the leading multi- specialty hospitals in Chennai. This 345-bed hospital offers comprehensive health care experience across a wide range of specialties, including multi-organ transplant services. The hospital houses 15 modular OTS, 3 state-of-the-art Cath labs (including 1 Bi-plane Cath lab), advanced ICU with Hepa-filters and innovative medical technologies, all under one roof. With the finest combination of experience, expertise, cutting- edge technology well-coordinated multi-specialty Quaternary care facilities and patient-centric teamwork: SIMS Hospital Chennai is committed to deliver services of international standards. SIMS Hospital offers holistic health care that includes prevention, prophylactic treatment and care, rehabilitation and lifestyle health education and guidance to patients, their families, and clients. At SIMS, every step is aimed at ensuring excellence in patient care.

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