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From New York to Chennai: The 30 Day Journey of a Diamond Baron Savjibhai Dholakia’s Grandnephew

Chennai, 29th July 2023 – Ruvin Dholakia, grandnephew of Indian diamond billionaire, philanthropist, and Padma Shri awardee Savjibhai Dholakia, has recently concluded an extraordinary 30-day expedition in Chennai. After completing his Masters of Business Administration from the United States, Ruvin was sent by his renowned grandfather to Chennai to live the life of an anonymous commoner aimed to provide him lessons beyond what Business School would teach.

Ruvin left Surat for Chennai on the 30th of June. He was ordered not to disclose his identity, was deprived from using a phone, and was given a modest sum of ₹6,000 emergency cash. His first task was to find a job where he encountered a staggering 80 rejections. He also switched between 4 jobs, each presenting unique challenges and learning opportunities. His first job was as a salesperson at a Garment shop near High Court Metro. Here, he honed his sales skills over nine days. Next, he worked at an eatery for eight days, expertly managing plate settings and serving as a waiter. After waiting tables at the restaurant, he went to work at a Watch Outlet for nine days as a salesperson while also assisting with watch repairs. Ruvin’s last job was at a Bag & Luggage shop, where he worked as a laborer for 2 days.

Throughout his 30-day journey, Ruvin switched between four jobs, faced eighty rejections, lived off ₹200 daily, stayed in a lowly Dormitory in Chennai, and would often only afford to eat one meal a day. Instead of seeing these as challenges, he saw these as opportunities for growth of one’s character. His ordinary living experience allowed him to fully embrace the value of struggles that are essential in one’s journey to success. Ruvin also developed a deep sense of respect for hardworking individuals who toil hard to make ends meet. He was full of gratitude for how God has blessed him in terms of education and family. Despite the arduous journey, Ruvin’s resilience paid off and he was happy as he managed to earn ₹8,600 throughout his time in Chennai.

Savjibhai Dholakia’s initiative of sending the second generation of his family to learn about the hardships of a common man’s life offers is something worth emulating for many affluent families. The adventurous journey undertaken by his Son Dravya Dholakia had gone Viral on Media in 2016 where he earned ₹7,000 in Kochi. This initiative by the Dholakia family shows how much they value the principle of hard work and gratitude.

Aside from his success story in building one of the largest diamond manufacturing companies globally with a turnover of 1.5 billion dollars, Savjibhai Dholakia is known for his immense humility and generosity. Savjibhai Dholakia’s benevolence gained widespread recognition. He is globally famous for providing lavish Diwali bonuses to his employees through the company’s tradition of gifting cars, flats, and jewellery during the festive season. This mere act became a celebrated example of philanthropy in the corporate world.

Savjibhai Dholakia has also well-earned the title ‘Lake Man of India’ through his work of creating 125 lakes that has benefitted 2 Lacs plus farmers in more than 75 surrounding villages. He has planted more than 25 lac trees across different locations in India. His state-of-the-art Diamond Manufacturing Facility, known as”HK Hub” was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India – Shri Narendra Modi.

No doubt, Ruvin’s 30-day journey living the life of a commoner in Chennai instilled to him life lessons and values that are taught beyond Business Schools. As the saying goes ‘experience is the best teacher’, Ruvin’s story is a demonstration that no matter which background you come from, whether you are rich or poor, we all must value hard work, embody humility and generosity, and practice gratitude. We hope that Ruvin’s inspiring story of determination and resilience will inspire and touch the lives of many individuals, entrepreneurs, youth, etc.

About Savjibhai Dholakia:

Mr. Savji Dholakia is a notable Indian diamond tycoon, philanthropist, motivational speaker, and thought leader. He is the Founder and Chairman of Hari Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd., a leading global diamond manufacturer and exporter based in Surat, India, with offices in Mumbai, Hong Kong, Botswana, New York, Dubai, Antwerp, and Belgium. With a mission to impact millions of lives, Mr. Dholakia founded Hari Krishna Charitable Trust in 1996, now known as the Dholakia Foundation. The foundation has impacted over 1 million lives across India, planted 2.5 Million Trees, implemented 50+ CSR initiatives, and developed 125 lakes that store more than 8 billion litres of water, benefiting 75+ villages in India. Because of his significant and immense contribution to the diamond and jewellery industry, society, and the environment, Mr. Savji Dholakia was honoured by the Government of India in 2022 with the Padma Shri Award, the fourth-highest civilian award in India. Through his life journey, Mr. Dholakia continues to be an inspiration to millions of people across the globe.

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