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Garuda Aerospace, a drone startup, has achieved a record by getting the central government’s agricultural subsidy for the first time in India that farmers can benefit in many ways through this said the Garuda Aerospace COO Mr.Shyamkumar.

Shyamkumar, who met the press together with Garuda Aerospace’s Vice President Raghavendra at Agni Business Center in Alwarpet, Chennai, said that this drone of Garuda Aerospace can save farmers time and money.

Stating that farmers currently take a whole day to spray an acre of pesticides, he said these drones can complete the task in just 8 minutes. He also said that the Garuda Aerospace Company will provide the bank loans to the farmers. He informed that if the price of Tron is 5 lakhs, after 40% subsidy of 2 lakhs, the farmers can pay the remaining money in installments. He also said that the annual cost of pesticide spraying by humans is about 20 lakhs and farmers can avoid lung cancer caused by pesticides. He also said that especially with this drone, medicine can be sprayed on 30 acres of land in a single day.

*Garuda Aerospace, A Drone Startup, “First To Obtain Agri Drone Subsidies”* India’s leading Drone startup Garuda Aerospace becomes 1st to receive Agri Drone Subsidy

Made in India Drone Startup Garuda Aerospace, has become the first company to receive Agri Drone Subsidy for their agricultural drones. This subsidy is part of the Indian government’s efforts to promote the use of agricultural drones. Garuda Kisan Drones were given to 8 farmers under the Agri-drone subsidy at an event held in Pune. Drone distributors across Maharashtra were present at the event.

ICAR institutions, KVKs, and SAUs have helped farmers receive 100% grant-in-aid for the purchase of agricultural drones and attachments, up to a maximum of Rs.10 lakhs.

 This financial assistance allowed these institutions to use Garuda Kisan drones to conduct demonstrations on farmers’ fields. FPOs received a 75% grant-in-aid for the purchase of agricultural drones and attachments for demonstrations on farmer’s fields. This initiative aimed at encouraging the use of agricultural drones in India, to benefit small-scale farmers.

 The government encourages the adoption of this technology and helps farmers to improve their yields and reduce costs.

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