Inauguration Of Gericare Hospital Tnagar – Exclusively for senior citizens

Life expectancy is increasing going population is on the rise.

By 2025 15% of the population will be over the age of 60. Thanks to advancement in healthcare & awareness on health the ageing population is on the rise. Covid 19 pandemic has thrown light on the deficiencies of care being given to this ageing population.

Hospitalisation for seniors is now getting more attention due to the understanding of their multiple health issues which warrants long hospital stay. Well trained para medical stall also come to play a role in managing the health issues of the elderly.

We as Geriatricians recognized the need & necessity for a specialized and exclusive geriatric hospital. Thus is born Gericare hospital india’s 1st exclusive geriatric hospital managed by experienced geriatricians adept in managing complex disease and drugs Interactions due to enhanced team approach. Our philosophy is start low & go slow In drug dosing.

At Gericare hospital we offer comprehensive assessment of multiple comorbidity thus reducing the duration of hospital stay & Improving the quality of life.

Speaking to the press Dr Srinivas & Dr.Lakshmipathy Ramesh, Founder director of Gericare added that the hospital has the following special features to serve the geriatric population.

1. Team of several well trained, qualified experienced geriatricians

2. Elder friendly environment including hand rail, wash room, anti- slippery floor & trained compassionate & caring nurses.

3. Advanced CT technology & laminar Air flow OT

4. Medication Management

5, 24/7 emergency care

6. Emergency & non-Emergency Ambulance service. Transitional care & Team approach

7 Continuity of care from hospital to home

8. Home care nursing Assisted living & skilled nursing care

9. Preventive geriatric checkup at home reducing the waiting time at the hospital for consultation

Thus Gericare is the only exclusive hospital to take care of the elderly offering care to celebrate life from golden jubilee through diamond jubilee with better quality of life