Reveals isteel’s new brand identity logo marking a new step in the steel market

Chennai, 26th June 2018: isteel, an ISO 9001-2008 certified company and a reputed brand in manufacturing and marketing of construction steel for over 20 years, today announced its future expansion plans and introduced Shri. Sathish Kumar Sivalingam, a renowned Weight lifting champion and Commonwealth Games Gold medalist as its Brand Ambassador. Shri. G Gautam Reddy, CEO, isteel officially unveiled the new brand identity logo of isteel on the occasion.


The leading TMT bar manufacturer with a turnover of 250 crores is aiming to double the capacity of 60,000 tons to 1.20 lakhs tons thus hoping to achieve 500 crores turnover. Future expansion plan is to increase the dealer network across south and make isteel a strong retail brand leader in south. Isteel have been recognized as one of the best retail TMT brand among dealers and distributors which gave them the Prestigious Partnership with Ultratech cement. Isteel is the exclusive allied TMT bar product in Ultratech cement’s Building solution concept stores (UBS) in Tamilnadu.

Speaking about the new logo of isteel, the CEO said that, “We are taking a bold step to redefine our brand and create a new standard in the industry. The new logo is part of this mission to expand our market and bring the best quality TMT bars to every home. The typeface has been specifically recut, sharpened and customized to bring out the brands core attributes of strength, flexibility and longevity. It brings out the boldness while the streak of red represents the power and passion that go into the product”

On the occasion, Shri. Sathish Kumar Sivalingam, renowned Weight lifting champion and Commonwealth Games Gold medalist was introduced as isteel Brand Ambassador. A new TV commercial made with Shri. Satish Kumar Sivalingam just went on air which is a path breaking communication, that would lift customers & traders consistent and committed efforts towards growth with isteel scaling newer heights in the years to come. And the real media break of the ad campaign is happening from the 27th June.

Speaking on the occasion, Shri G Gautam Reddy, CEO, isteel said, “In India, the demand for the TMT bars steel is mainly driven by construction and infrastructure sectors. The consumption is rising at an average of 7.6% year by year. In the Union Budget 2018, the total expenditure on infrastructure for the next fiscal will stand at Rs 5.97 lakh crore. This will create a demand for quality steel in Construction and infrastructure sector. While the demand is well set, isteel with its significant expansion will continue to be benefited from the strong demand for high quality construction steel.”

Isteel has always been ahead in manufacturing technology with constantly improving the quality of steel that it produces. Isteel XLS TMT construction bars made from Fe-500 grade enriched with a minimum of 4000 ppm Copper and other corrosion resistant elementsthat gives 17% longer life than any other steel bar to your homes. And it is tested and proven at National Metallurgical laboratory against the leading TMT brands and isteel performed better against leading national brand.

And the innovative approach to steel marketing has earned us many reputed dealers and we are proud to say more than 1,00,000 homes have been built with isteel TMT bars.

Introducing the Brand Ambassador, Shri. G. Gautam Reddy, CEO, isteel said,” It gives me immense pleasure to announce an important move to elevate our brand and our association with International Weightlifting Champion from Tamil Nadu, Shri Sathish Kumar Sivalingam. We wanted to associate our brand isteel with a sportsperson from Tamilnadu and he is thebest choice since he is an inspiring personality, given his humble beginnings, and the success he has achieved. Therefore, the association with him, helps the brand tremendously. Shri. Sathish Sivalingam stands for strength and flexibility – characteristics that define isteel XLS TMT bars. He is an inspiration to many. We would like to get inspired and motivate the real heroes like him.”

The brand ambassador of isteel Shri Satish Sivalingam said he is very happy and proud to be part of isteel brand and appreciates their good intention of choosing a sportsman like him to inspire the talents from rarely noticed sports like weightlifting. Isteel XLS TMT bars is a very good product since it has  a minimum of 4000 ppm Copper and other corrosion resistant elements  unlike any other TMT bars and offers 17% longer life to your homes. I’m excited to work with them and hope we travel a long way ahead.