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Kabadi Bro: A story of a Kabaddi hero will be releasing June in theatres

Kabaddi, a contact sport originated in India, has been gaining popularity over the years with the emergence of various leagues and tournaments. However, the sport has been an integral part of Indian culture for centuries. The sport has also inspired many films, and one such film is “Kabadi Bro,” a story of a Kabaddi hero, Veerabagu (Sujan), who is struggling to survive.

The film follows the life of Veerabagu, a Kabaddi player who is known for his exceptional skills in the sport. Veerabagu is supported by his friends Argent Muthu (Singam Puli) and Shakti (Sanjay Velangi). Abhirami (Priya Lal), the daughter of the town’s police officer Isaki Pandiyan (Madhusudhana Rao), falls in love with him. However, Veerabagu’s uncle is planning to marry his daughter to him, and Veerabagu decides to disguise himself as a friend and propose to Abhirami. She refuses, and this leads to a series of events.

Isaki Pandyan, angry with Veerabagu’s behavior, decides to punish him by challenging him to a Kabaddi match. Isaki Pandyan believes that winning the match would prove his fairness and honesty. Veerabagu accepts the challenge, and the rest of the film follows the Kabaddi match and whether Veerabagu is successful in both the match and his love.

The film has an impressive cast, including Sujan, Priya Lal, Singampuli, Sanjay Velangi, Madhusudhana Rao, Hana, Manobala, Shanmukha Sundaram, Rajini M, Meera Krishnan, Anjali, Sisar Manohar, and Shankar. The film’s director, Sathish Jayaraman, who has previously produced Koti and Maidanam, has done an excellent job with the story, screenplay, dialogue, and direction.


The film’s music, composed by A J Daniel, is outstanding, and the lyrics, written by gnanakaravel and Thamarai, are meaningful and emotional. The choreography, done by Nobel and Rathika, is excellent, and the art, done by K A Raghava Kumar, is impressive. The film’s editing, done by S P Ahmad, is smooth and keeps the viewers engaged.

The film’s producer, Usha Satish, and Anjana Cinemas have done an excellent job in bringing this story to the big screen. The film’s PRO, done by Sivakumar, has been commendable, and it has created a buzz among the audience.

In conclusion, “Kabadi Bro” is a heartwarming tale of love, passion, and Kabaddi. It is a must-watch for all the Kabaddi enthusiasts and anyone who loves a good emotional story. The film’s message is clear, and it emphasizes the importance of honesty and fairness, not just in sports but in life. The film’s success is a testament to the hard work and dedication put in by the entire team.

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