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KM Music Conservatory organized an Open Mic Festival

The first day of the two week long orientation at KM Music Conservatory saw the new students showcasing their talents in an Open Mic. The afternoon set the tone for the much-anticipated academic year with numerous workshops, masterclasses, concerts, and collaborations lined up throughout the year.

There were solo performances–in Carnatic music, soulful Bollywood music, and classical piano recitals, as well as group efforts wherein the students banded within a few hours of meeting each other for the first time, and imaginatively put together a show with various musical instruments, and musicians.

KM College of Music & Technology welcomed its 2023 batch of students into the full-time programme that is affiliated to Middlesex University, UK. This programme, known as the Foundation Certificate, is a lead up to the Diploma in Higher Education which in turn allows the student to pursue the final year of the Bachelors in Music that is offered by Middlesex, with whom KM College of Music & Technology has an academic partnership.

KM College of Music & Technology will be accepting students into the internationally validated and recognised Foundation Certificate Programme until the end of August.

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