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April 2022, Chennai: Athulya, India’s largest Assisted Living and leading home-healthcare service provider, hosted a medical conference in the city recently to highlight the need for increased awareness on Geriatric Care. Medical experts from eminent hospitals in the city attended the conference.
Inaugurating the event Dr. R. Karthik Narayan, Managing Director, Athulya said, “In the coming years, there will be an increase in the elderly population, and sufficient focus should be given for their welfare. The Chennai 2.0 Smart Chennai initiative by the Chennai Corporation will create a geriatric friendly environment across the city. The Central government is also taking steps to increase the number of skilled workforces to cater to the geriatric segment”.

Addressing the doctors, Dr. N. Satyanarayana Raju, Geriatrician & Palliative Care Physician at GVP Medical College Hospital delved deeply into the subject of palliative care and shared insights on how geriatric medication is different from the regular medication. He pointed out that a holistic approach is needed to usher in the desired outcome. He said, “The aim of geriatrics is not to make people live longer but to help them live a better life.”

Dr. Navaladi Shankar, Senior consultant Orthopedics at Apollo Hospitals, who is also the President of Madras Orthopedic Society made a presentation on ‘Muscoskeletal problems in geriatric population’ and spoke in detail about its management. He outlined some of the common orthopaedic problems faced by the senior citizens. “In spite of high prevalence and consequences of Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain in the elderly, there have been relatively less knowledge and skills related to pain assessment in older adults. Adopting aggressive approaches to comprehensive pain assessment are crucial to improve older adult’s quality of life. Treatment for the elderly should not be delayed and it is essential to preventing falls. Athulya is geriatrically friendly when it comes to preventing falls.” he explained.
Dr. Sabanayagam Vaidhiyanathan who is the Clinical Lead – Multidisciplinary ICU at MGM Healthcare said “The increased number of hospitalization days for senior citizens can be attributed to the lack of health and social support at their homes to meet their post-acute care needs. In India, Transitional care programs (TCPs) that are specially designed to provide short-term and low-intensity restorative care to older adults experiencing or at risk for delayed discharge, appears to be in a nascent stage.”

Enthusiastic attendees gathered to get their doubts clarified on geriatric care. The doctors emphasised on exercise, nutrition and timely medical interventions to ensure quality of life for the elderly population.

The Q & A session at the end of the meeting focused on breaking down barriers to better health and care for senior citizens.

The field of geriatrics has grown rapidly in the past decade, and this conference is intended to highlight the potential growth in the geriatric space and ways to improve healthcare services.

About Athulya:

Athulya Senior care, headquartered in Chennai, is India’s largest Assisted Living with 250 beds and leading home-healthcare service provider that offers services such as assisted living in senior living communities, senior living rental model, geriatric home healthcare services, and many more. Since its inception their homecare services have served more than 15,000 senior citizens offering a range of home care services for seniors that include nursing care, doctor visits, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, blood sample collection, ICU setup at home, and bringing the entire gamut of healthcare services to the doorsteps.

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