Meenakshi Mission Hospital introduces homecare packages for Covid positive patients in Madurai with mild or no symptoms

  • The 14-day homecare packages are priced at Rs 15,000 and Rs 21,000
  • Majority of Coronavirus positive patients show no symptoms or have very mild symptoms and do not need hospitalization

Madurai 5th JULY, 2020: Meenakshi Mission Hospital, South Tamil Nadu’s biggest multi-specialty hospital, has launched homecare packages for patients who are Covid-19 positive but show mild symptoms or have no symptoms at all. The 14-day home care packages start from Rs 15,000 and are available for patients of Madurai.

Said Dr. S Gurushankar, Chairman, Meenakshi Mission Hospital, Madurai: “Majority of Covid positive patients show no symptoms at all or have very mild symptoms. The recovery period for such patients is two weeks if proper home isolation guidelines are followed. There is no need for them to rush to a hospital. They can self-isolate themselves in the comfort of their home. Our affordable homecare packages are specifically designed for Covid patients who do not require hospital admission. They are not only easy on the pocket, but will also help prevent over-crowding at hospitals, freeing up bed capacity for more serious patients.”

While the Basic Homecare Package costs Rs 15,000, the Ultra Package is priced at Rs 21,000. Both include consultation with a physician (once every two days), daily monitoring by trained nurse, dietary and psychological advice, weekly motivational activity program, 24×7 Corona helpline, remote patient monitoring system, digital thermometer, masks and gloves, sanitizer and waste disposal bags. While basic home care package provides digital Pulse Oxymeter and BP machine, the Ultra Package offers Bluetooth-enabled devices that allow real-time monitoring of the patient by hospital staff through a phone app.

Patients can call Mob: 77083 53777 for more information.