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Members of The Duchess Club- all women club, take a pledge for Organ Donation, The program was organized ahead of World Organ Donation Day

Chennai, 9th August 2023 – Members of The Duchess Club, Chennai, took a pledge on organ donation, marking their commitment to making a profound difference in the lives of those in need.


This was at the Organ Donation awareness program organized by the Club, in association with the Rotary Club of Madras Temple City and Kauvery Hospital Alwarpet. The event was to raise awareness on organ donation, ahead of the Organ Donation Day which falls on 13th August 2023.

This program, titled “ Second Chances”, aimed to dispel myths, address doubts, and raise awareness about organ donation, with a focus on the life-transforming impact it can have.


The event featured a comprehensive talk by Dr Sridhar, Critical Care Intensivist, Kauvery Hospital Alwarpet, on the concept of brain death. He discussed the criteria for declaring brain death, the process of organ harvesting, and the specific conditions under which organs can be harvested. Dr. Swaminthan Sambandam- Lead, Multi-Organ Transplant, Kauvery Group of Hospitals, addressed common doubts and queries related to organ donation.


During the event, three transplant recipients, who had received a heart, liver, and kidney respectively, inspired the members of the club by sharing their emotional journeys of receiving the gift of life through organ donation. The recipients of liver and kidney received their transplants at Kauvery Hospital. These heartwarming accounts vividly portrayed the immense impact of organ donation on not just the recipients themselves, but also on their families and loved ones.

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