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Moonbakes Unveils Irresistible Christmas Menu Featuring Exquisite Treats

Chennai, December 12, 2023: Moonbakes, the finest dessert and pastry studio in Chennai today unveiled its Christmas menu comprising an extensive range of delectable treats that promise to add a touch of magic to the holiday celebrations. Ranging from classic plum cakes to Dates Tres leches, Moon Bakes’ Christmas menu is a perfect balance of classic and contemporary. For more details about the cakes and to place an order, visit Moonabkes’ website –

Among these delectable offerings, the Premium Plum Cake stands out as a true masterpiece. Starting at 680 Rs, this exquisite treat is crafted with a rich blend of 1-year rum-soaked plum fruits, delivering a delightful burst of flavor in every bite. The authentic recipe, free from added flavors or colors, ensures a perfect balance, complemented by a generous quantity of premium nuts for that extra crunch. Each slice of the Premium Plum Cake is a testament to tradition, prepared with care and expertise to embody the warmth and joy of the season.

In the Classic Plum Cake Collection, Moonbakes offers a timeless delight starting from 350 Rs. This classic bakery-style cake encapsulates the spirit of the season with layers of perfection featuring 1-year rum-soaked plum fruits. A testament to tradition, the Classic Plum Cake combines the warmth of holiday memories with classic bakery techniques, ensuring a harmonious balance and a journey through the essence of Christmas.

For those seeking a bite-sized indulgence, Moonbakes presents the Plum Cupcakes Collection. A set of 5 Premium Plum Cupcakes is priced at 650 Rs, while Classic Cupcakes are available at 320 Rs. Crafted with care and precision, these cupcakes boast the richness of 1-year rum-soaked plum fruits, offering a burst of seasonal flavors in every morsel. Ideal for sharing love and warmth with family and friends or savoring solo for a moment of personal indulgence.

To elevate your Christmas festivities, Moonbakes introduces the Chocolate Pound Cake with Choco Peppermint Ganache. Priced at 650 Rs for 300 grams and 850 Rs for 500 grams, this decadent creation is generously adorned with a luscious Choco Peppermint Ganache—a symphony of flavors that promises to be the showstopper of your holiday dessert spread. Each slice is a journey through layers of chocolatey delight, enhanced by the enchanting fusion of peppermint, creating a dessert experience that is both festive and unforgettable.

For a unique twist on a classic dessert, Moonbakes introduces the Dates Tres Leches with Toffee Sauce. Priced at 599 Rs for 300 grams and 830 Rs for 500 grams, this extraordinary treat combines the richness of dates with the lusciousness of Tres leches, all elevated by a heavenly toffee sauce. The dessert is a symphony of flavors and textures, featuring moist layers infused with the natural sweetness of dates and bathed in a velvety Tres leches blend. A drizzle of indulgent toffee sauce crowns this dessert, creating a sensory experience that captures the essence of Christmas in every bite.

Celebrate this Christmas season with Moonbakes, where every bite is a journey through the warmth and joy of the festive spirit. For more details about the cakes and to place an order, please visit Moonbakes’ website –

About Moonbakes: Moonbakes is a cloud kitchen that was started by Dharani Ranganathan in 2021. It’s one of a kind bespoke bakeries in Chennai that offers a wide variety of desserts that are premium and rich in taste. In order to capture the taste buds of health enthusiasts, Moonbakes has recently forayed into healthy desserts domain with their sister brand “Healthy Moonbakes” that offers a variety of desserts that are Gluten free, Vegan and Sugar free.

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