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Mr.Sathish Kumar from Ooty received the Gems of Universe & Honourary Doctorate, by St. Mother Therasa University

Hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard – this is how life of Sathish Kumar G can be aptly described within a single line. This dynamic man of multiple talents shot to fame recently when he emerged as the third runner-up of the prestigious Beauty Pageant of Tamil Nadu – Mr Miss & Mrs Tamizhagam 2021 presented by Indian Media Works in Chennai.
This first success brought brought him the massive motivation to bring out his best. Thus, sheer hardwork and ardent dedication, brought Sathish Kumar the next esteemed laurel – he received the Gems of Universe & Honourary Doctorate, by St. Mother Therasa University, accredited by World Sign JBR, Harvard, USA and affiliated to Cambridge School of Distance Education, USA recommended by Indian Media Works.This occasion took place at the prestigious platform of Mr Miss & Mrs Tamizhagam 2022 by Indian Media Works during the Chennai auditions at Drizzle by the Beach, ECR.

Successful people are not gifted. They work hard and succeed on purpose. Sathish Kumar is among those successful people, who has truly worked hard for his success, through many tough times. Currently working as Artisan Grade 1 in Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd, Sathish Kumar is not only a Pageant winner but also a state level football player, district level hockey player, an enthusiastic music composer and a philanthropist who has adopted three families to his capacity during the ongoing Covid – 19 pandemic. Apart from this he has great knowledge in Silambam, which is a weapon based Indian martial art originating in South India that dignifies the Tamil culture.

Sathish Kumar has come a long way in a short period of time but life is yet to bless him with greater success. He is selected to represent India in many International platforms to bring pride to our Nation. Sathish is currently gearing up to for the National Grand Finale of Mr. Fashion World 2021, organised and presented by Indian Media Works and D’La Valentina.

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