Chennai, May 2019: Silambam is an ancient martial art form of Tamil Nadu that originated approximately 3000 years ago. Silambam was practiced to display great bravery. It was mainly used as an asset in combat skills, and soldiers mainly relied on it to fight the British army.

Raaba media had been started with the selfless service of providing suitable platform for the talented artists and showcasing their individual talents to the world. To create awareness, to uplift, encourage and felicitate this wonderful Silambam art across the world, Raabamedia’s Eventsz India organized three days non-stop day and night world record event ‘Silambam solo Marathon Relay’ in the premises of SMK Vidhyashram , Muthamizh nagar, Kodungaiyur, Chennai to make an ultimate record in Guinness world records, Asian book of world records and Indian book of world records. Its purpose is to make all well talented Silambam artists to achieve unbeatable world record .No one has ever tried this record event in Silambam. Raaba media proudly says that more than 800 participants will be going to participate to create an unbeatable world record.

It is a great privilege and pride to announce that along with this event Raaba media has organized “All solo talents festival “ marathon relay with the duration of 60 hours from 12 Pm of May 10th to 6 pm of May 12th, to set an incredible footprint in the world of records which focuses on individual talents of any kind . Classical or western dance, classical or western music, art, mimicry, instrumental play, Radio/Video Jockey , magic show, oratorical, essay writing, mid brain, yoga,etc.,are come under solo talent event. There is no age limit for this event.

Raaba media proudly says that it is going to place its footprint in the history of world records by performing two great world record events at the same time in the same premises. The All Solo Talents Festival World Record and Silambam Solo Marathon Relay will be Inaugurated by the Madras High Court Former Justice K.Swami Durai and the Founder of Raaba Media Mr.Ramanujam Prasanna. The Correspondent of SMK Vidyashram Mrs.Arulmozhi Vivekanandhan and Mrs. S.Saratha Principal of SMK Vidyashram will be addressing the gathering of the Inaugural Ceremony.