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Paizatto – India’s First Ever Digital Referral Marketplace (DRM) Mobile App Launched

An Earn Back Revolution Starts


Chennai, September 02, 2022: Most apps or UPI payment options give customers cashback in terms of vouchers, cashback coupons and app points. These have little value and are not useful for the customer. Upon any purchase or payment, customers are flooded with coupons which they never use. However, in Paizatto’s revolutionary Earn Back, customers earn back money with every purchase. The app also facilitates second and third-tier shop owners to grow their businesses.

At the launch event held in Hotel Accord Metropolitan, Chennai, Mr Sri Jayantilal J Challani- President, The Jewellery and Diamond Trader’s Association, Madras, Mr AM Vikrama Raja, President- Tamil Nadu Vanigar Sangankalin Peramaippu, Mr D Venkataraman, Retail Head – Southern Region Retailers Association of India and Mr KT Srinivasa Raja, Managing Director- Adyar Ananda Bhavan launched Paizatto – a Digital Referral Marketplace (DRM) that connects vendors and consumers through a dedicated Mobile Application.

Speaking at the launch event, Mr. A M Vikrama Raja, President of Tamil Nadu Vanigar Sangankalin Peramaippu said “I am glad that Paizatto is launched in Namma Chennai. Since the arrival of online stores and super stores, small vendors have struggled to retain customers. I believe Paizatto App stimulates the shopping experience for essential goods through its unique Earn Back Program. The Earn Back system cultivates customer loyalty and increases sales through repeat customer footfall. Also, Paizatto’s marketing support for the vendor in the digital marketing space and the analytics helps them to get more insights on sales.”

Mr.D Venkataraman, Retail Head – Southern Region Retailers Association of India spoke at the event and reiterated the benefit of the Paizatto app to customers. He says “Most apps or UPI payment options give customers cashback vouchers or app points which are of no value”. The value benefit of these cashback coupons and gift vouchers expires very soon and customers lose. However, the Paizatto app’s Earn Back helps customers with every purchase at an affiliated store.”

Paizatto is part of Opalyte Services Private Limited – a startup based out of Chennai, established by young entrepreneurs with an excellent track record in technology, retail business, customer retention and brand establishment.

Explaining the simple process of free registration to create more walk-ins to the shops and earn more money, Mr.Deepak H, Founder & Director of Paizatto said that “We are glad to be the first company to bring DRM to Chennai and we will expand to every district of Tamil Nadu soon. Paizatto can be used in all categories of shopping except for certain sensitive and banned items. Paizatto is also tested and audited in all UPI platforms and our collaboration with the leading Fintech banks like ICICI Bank and IDFC Bank makes Paizatto safe in digital transactions”

Elaborating on the Earn Back Program, Mr.Vijay Lodha, Co-Founder said “Paizatto is the only company to give real Earn Back and not just accumulating points. Besides getting Earn Back for every purchase at the Paizatto affiliated stores through the dedicated QR code, consumers also earn money through a referral network, when the referred friends or relatives make a purchase. Paizatto App also updates the consumers with products and offers from the nearby stores and instant delivery, based on the value of purchase through the stores. We are looking at 50,000 affiliated stores / 10, 00, 000 consumers in the first year and triple it in the second year.” he concluded.

Mr.Goutham Challani, Co-Founder quoting Paizatto’s motto “every penny spent must earn a penny”, spoke about the immense benefits it brings to vendors and consumers. With a click of a button, Paizatto provides complete analytics of sales details for the vendors and referrals purchase details for the consumers. Paizatto’s Earn Back Program is to ensure consumer loyalty to the vendors and help them to increase their sales and also reward the consumers for their loyalty

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