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Prashanth Hospitals performs a rare open chest surgery for 1kg thyroid mass located between heart and lung

  • Four-hour long surgery saves 51 years old woman from near fatal condition that could have led to cardiac and pulmonarycomplication
  • Doctors from Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, General Surgery, Pulmonology and Anesthesiologyjoined hands to save her life

Chennai, 18th December 2021: Bringing a two-decade struggle to an end, Prashanth Hospitals performed a rare open-chest surgery on a 51-year-old woman to remove a 1kgnon-cancerous tumor located between heart and lung.The four-hour long surgery performed by a team of expert doctors from the departments of CardiothoracicSurgery, General Surgery, Pulmonology and Anesthesiologysaved the woman fromCardiac and Pulmonary complication. The surgery was helmed by Prof. Dr. Vishwanath Pai, Sr. Consultant, Department of Minimally Invasive Surgery, Prashanth Hospitals, Velachery.

Mrs. Subbulakshmi, a 51-year-old working professional from Chennai was diagnosed with a small mass in her chest upon a general x-ray examination twenty years back. Over the years, the massgrew leading to heart and lung compression risk, which could have led to further complications like breathing difficulties, chest pain and internal bleeding. While the doctors from other hospitals recommended against the surgical removal of the mass due to its proximity to vital organs, Prof. Dr. Vishwanath Pai and team successfully operated on the patient.

Speaking about the surgery, Prof. Vishwanath Pai, Sr. Consultant, Department of Minimally Invasive Surgery, Prashanth Hospitals said “I would like to thank all specialty heads and my colleagues from cardiac, pulmonology and anesthesia departments to make this happen. Open-chest surgery for removal of thyroid tumor is very rare in the country. In this case, the risk was high owing to the location of the non-cancerous tumor. If the surgery was not done, the patient could have suffered severe heart and lung complications that could have been fatal. This case is a real example of people understanding the role of early detection to provide timely treatment that will help prevent such near-fatal complications. We are very happy to see the patient relieved from this twenty-year struggle and feeling lighter.”

Mrs. Subbalakshmisaid, “I always considered Thyroid as a common disorder. However, in my case the tumor was located close to the heart and lung making it further complicated. While this was diagnosed earlier, twenty years back, I did not get the right medical guidance or the confidence to go ahead with a surgical procedure. When I approached the doctors from Prashanth Hospitals, I got the confidence, and I am really relieved today to know that I am free from my twenty-year struggle both mentally and physically.”

Adding to this, Dr. Prashanth Krishna, Director – Prashanth Hospital and Consultant – Department of Minimally Invasive Surgery, said “I would like to congratulate the team of doctors for yet another significant achievement through this milestone surgery. Their timely intervention and the right medical guidance are some of the important aspects of this achievement. At Prashanth Hospital we continue to stay committed to patient care and play our part towards building a healthier society.”

About Prashanth Hospitals: Prashanth Hospitals is a multidisciplinary hospital that provides sophisticated and dedicated healthcare services by professionally trained experts. Prashanth Super-specialty Hospital at Velachery is one of the best- and well-known multi-specialty hospitals in and around Chennai. This facility has well trained and skilled nursing staff who can take good care of the patients. The vision is to become an internationally renowned medical institute by providing excellent health care services to the patients, and the mission is to maintain the trust of the patient by providing good quality of health care. The values on which Prashanth Super-specialty Hospital functions are quality of care, respect, competence, the effectiveness of the treatment, safety, and creating health awareness among the people. Prashanth Super-specialty Hospital also provides various health care packages for check-ups and diagnosis of any ailment and their treatments.

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