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Prashanth Hospitals revolutionizes Joint Replacement marking a ‘Century of Success’ using the 4th Generation Robot

  • Dr. Arumugam. S becomes one among the few orthopaedic surgeons in the country to complete more than 100 robotic assisted knee replacement surgeries.
  • The hospital found women to be more commonly affected than men as the number of ladies who have undergone knee replacement surgeries are higher and reaping its benefits to the fullest.


Chennai, December 14th, 2023: Prashanth Hospitals, Chennai’s leading super-specialty hospital has marked a ground-breaking achievement in advanced orthopaedic care by successfully completing over 100 robotic assisted knee replacement surgeries within six months of its installation. This significant accomplishment includes the distinction of Dr. Arumugam S, Senior Orthopaedic Surgeon and a pioneer in Joint Reconstruction at Prashanth Hospitals, becoming one of the very few surgeons in the country to complete an impressive 110 robotic knee replacement surgeries using the Vely’s 4th generation robot.

Total Knee Replacement is a very consistent and effective procedure to improve knee function for people suffering from severe arthritis. The robot-assisted TKA is a big boon for such patients as it aids the surgeon by increasing his surgical precision many folds, to achieve sub-millimetre accuracy. This in turn offers several benefits like significant reduction of blood loss during surgery, faster recovery of the patients with very less post-operative pain in comparison to when being operated using the conventional methods. With this hi-tech robot which is not an image-based one, CT scan or any other exposure to radiation is not required at all. The camera uses the latest technology making it very fast, accurate and highly responsive altogether. The hand held saw system replicates what is conventionally being used by surgeons in TKR.

Dr. Arumugam S, Senior Orthopaedic Surgeon, and Knee Replacement Expert at Prashanth Hospitals emphasized the importance of awareness about bone and joint health stating “Movement is life, and maintaining a healthy weight is extremely crucial in today’s day and age. Regular exercise and a balanced healthy diet are vital to go a long way with results being witnessed and seen during the later stages of life. In the transformative realm of medical innovation, we witnessed the triumphant journey of many patients at Prashanth Hospitals, whose lives were dramatically transformed through the precision and efficiency of robotic knee replacement technology. With each carefully calibrated movement, we sculpted a path to renewed mobility and vitality. At Prashanth Hospitals, we don’t just replace knees; we restore lives, one precise procedure at a time, showcasing the unparalleled success of our commitment to excellence in orthopaedic care.”

Dr. Arumugam S added- “In TKR aligning the knee to the pre-arthritic state is of key importance in the ease of recovery of the patient. By using this 4th generation Vely’s Robot, I am able to align the knee to perfection. I do a Personalised Alignment for each knee , thereby aligning each leg to its Pre Arthritic State. This gives all my patients a very Happy Knee. This helps my patients walk with ease and recover faster”.

Dr. Prashanth Krishna, the Managing Director of Prashanth Hospitals, reflected on the significance of this milestone, affirming, “This accomplishment marks a pivotal moment for our group, emphasizing our steadfast commitment to advancing medical technology. It serves as a monumental achievement to commence 2024 on a high note for the entire staff. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Arumugam and his proficient team of doctors who have demonstrated outstanding results in reshaping the orthopaedic landscape as he has effectively led our Centre of Excellence in Orthopaedic care, harnessing cutting-edge robotic technology to transform the lives of patients grappling with knee-related issues.”

The hospital’s observations regarding an alarming number of lifestyle related complications with increase in age, weight, higher BMI, sedentary lifestyle, muscle weakness, arthritis complications, accidents, genetic factors, and other knee-joint conditions leads to the need for such surgical interventions. Since the time of the launch, the hospital has gained insights that females undergoing robotic knee surgeries are significantly higher, and individuals undergoing both knee replacements on the same day outnumber those opting for single knee procedures.

An elderly patient expressed her heartfelt gratitude stating “I am immensely grateful to the dedicated team for this life-changing experience I had with the robotic knee replacement surgery. From the first consultation to the postoperative care, every step was marked by professionalism and most importantly genuine compassion as I was initially sceptical to undergo this operation performed by a robot. The precision of the surgery exceeded my expectations, resulting in minimal discomfort and a remarkably swift recovery. Thanks to Prashanth Hospitals, I now embrace life with renewed vigor, free from the limitations that once hindered my mobility. This experience has not just given me a new knee; it has given me a new lease on life. Heartfelt thanks to the exceptional team for their commitment to excellence!”

The Vely’s 4th generation robot integrates 3D visualization and intuitive control systems, offering precise data for joint reconstruction surgeries. This tailored approach enables surgeons to make immediate decisions, increasing efficiency and accuracy, resulting in less pain, reduced blood loss, and quicker patient recovery—a milestone showcasing the success of the total robotic knee replacements at Prashanth Hospitals.

About Prashanth Hospitals: Prashanth Hospitals is a multidisciplinary hospital that provides sophisticated and dedicated healthcare services by professionally trained experts. Prashanth Super-specialty Hospital at Velachery and Kolathur is one of the best- and well-known multi- specialty hospitals in Chennai. These facilities have well trained and skilled nursing staff who can take good care of the patients. The vision is to become an internationally renowned medical institute by providing excellent health care services to the patients, and the mission is to maintain the trust of the patient by providing good quality of health care. The values on which Prashanth Super-specialty Hospitals function are quality of care, respect, competence, the effectiveness of the treatment, safety, and creating health awareness among the people. Prashanth Super- specialty Hospitals also provides various health care packages for check-ups and diagnosis of any ailment and their treatments.

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