Rayyan Trading Company – Showroom Inauguration Function at Annasalai


Rayyan Trading Company Showroom Inauguration Function held today (29-04-2018) at Annasalai, Chennai which is inaugurated by many VIP’s and Actor Thiyagarajan

At inauguration ceremony, helmets distributed in the road of annasalai who driving the two wheeler without wearing the helmets. Also they instructed the necessary of wearing helmets

VIP’s mention about the Necessary of Wearing Helmets: Wearing helmet helps you to protect your life. While you are controlling your vehicle on the roads you would face a lot of problems especially accident by wearing helmet can protect your head from danger. Head is the most important part for everyone. If our heads have problem we can’t do anything, or sometimes it can cause to be abnormal or crazy or ever dead

Faizudeen mention about the Necessary of Wearing Helmets: First of all, wearing helmet helps to reduce traffic accident. People will pay enough attention while they are driving their motors if they wear helmet. Moreover, it helps us in protecting our eyes from the dust or terrible lights from others vehicles because we don’t need to use our hand or fingers to clean it while we are controlling our vehicles

Faizudeen mention about Rayyan Trading Company which is selling a Auto Parts, Sheet Metal Components, Forged Parts Manufacturer where the specification like Helmets, Bike Seat Covers, Spary Paints, Seat Lining Works, Two Wheeler Side Box, Glouse Handle Covers, Bike Tank Cover, Locks, Etc.. Added that All Brand Helmets Available with ISI Standards.. Manufacturer Of All Seat Covers, Bike Tank Covers & Accessories and they offer wide range of products in the automotive industry and the company is presented as a perfect amalgam of people, technology and resources reinforced with high strategic direction with a deep understanding of the nuances of the automotive industry. Our motto has always been to provide the best “value for money” to our customers. We ensure the best service is given to our customers