RCC DIVA Foundation invites Deputy Chief Minister O. Paneerselvam to felicitate frontline warriors who fought COVID

RCC DIVA Foundation felicitated the frontline warriors who stood up to help common people during the pandemic in Chennai. The Chief Guest of the occasion was the Honourable Deputy Chief Minister of Tamilnadu Thiru O.Paneerselvam. He had felicitated distinguished personalities of the city for their quick response in setting up Critical Care Emergency Centres containing Isolation Wards, Augmenting medical supplies, paramedical staff, setting up outbreak response command center, launching mobile dispensaries for COVID detection, providing emergency food supplies to stranded migrants and needy people of the city.

Sanitary workers were also be honored for their work with a live portrait which will go live. The portrait will also include other COVID frontline warriors such as police persons, doctors, and nurses. Their work was depicted at the venue acknowledging and appreciating their services in the fight against the deadly viruss

Who will be felicitated?

A total of 16 eminent personalities wili be felicitated. They are Shri Harish Mehta, Shri Abhayasa Srisrimal, Shri Jaswant Munoth, Shri. Daulat Jain, Shri. Kailash Kothari, Shri.Kishore Jain, Shri.Pramod Chordia, Shri. Paras Jain, Shri.Mahaveer Lunawath, Shri. Vinod Singhvi, Shri.Praveenbhai Mehta, Shri.Narendra Sakariya, Shri. Khimraj Sakariya, Shri. Sudhir Lodha, Shri.DK Jain, and Shri. Harish Marlecha.

Hair to Hope donation drive

RCC DIVA Foundation will also organize a hair donation drive to benefit cancer patients called Hair to Hope’ benefit. The benefit’s objective is to give patients who lose their hair while ongoing treatment for their condition hope and strength to keep up with their treatment. The benefit will provide patients with wigs to patients who struggle with emotional challenges that
they experience during treatment.

The Hair donation drive is open to the general public and RCC DIVA invites people of Chennai city to be a part of this inspiring initiative by donating their hair for a cause. The only criteria is that hair to be donated must be a minimum of 8 inches or more. About 1000 donors have registered to be a part of the drive that would take place soon.

The Hair Donation Drive is part of project ‘Hair to Hope’ which was launched by Honorable Deputy Chief Minister of Tamilnadu Thiru.O.Paneerselvam, in the presence of President and Chairperson of RCC DIVA Smt. Manisha Pramod Chordia, Managing Trustee of RCC DIVA Foundation, Smt.Sangeetha Harish Marlecha, Project Head of ‘Hair to Hope’ Smt Nidhi Deepak

On this same occasion Deputy Chief Minister 0. Paneerselvam nominated RCC President Manisha Pramod Chordia as Member of the State Women Commission

Smt Manisha Pramod Chordia was felicitated by Thiru O.Paneerselvam at the occasion where the frontline warriors who fought COVID were honored. The Deputy Chief Minister and the Chief Guest of the felicitation ceremony applauded the stellar work done by RCC Diva President & Chairperson Smt Manisha Pramod Chordia during the Covid period and announced her nomination as Member of State Women Commission, Government of Tamilnadu. She is the first woman of Rajasthani origin to be nominated for the prestigious post.

Speaking about being honored at the prestigious occasion, Manisha Pramod Chordia said, “I believe that for those of us who give the best to each passing moment, with a balance of heart & mind, do realize that there is no dearth of opportunities to explore your potential and inner power.’”

About Manisha Pramod Chordia:

A globe trotter born in the culturally rich country ‘India’, she grew up in the cosmopolitan environment of Chennai. She is the director of JINESHWAR INFRA VENTURES PRIVATE LIMITED, which is one of the leading NBFC groups in the metropolitan city of Chennai. Her inciination towards social welfare is reflected through her stint as President and Chairperson of Rajasthan Cosmo Club DIVA Foundation, a Chennai-based women-managed non-profit organization
working towards empowerment and upliftment of women, thereby helping underprivileged and unemployed women of the society.

Past Experiences

In her stint as Project Director and Managing Trustee of RCC DIVA FOUNDATION, in the presence of Honourable Governor of Tamilnadu Thiru. Banwarilal Purohit, the NGO had
organized the distribution of free artificial limbs, wheelchairs, spectacles, hearing aids, tri-cycle, clutches to disabled persons.

In the presence of former Commissioner of Police Greater Chennai Thiru AK Vishwanathan, she launched “Project Suraksha”, an initiative with Chennai Police. The NGO Installed 384 hi-tech
cameras with night vision and speed detectors in major parts of the city.

In March 2019 under the Project ‘Prayas’ RCC DIVA Foundation had distributed scholarships 700+ students and 100 Staff Members of the Madras Seva Sadan. The Foundation has appointed dedicated, experienced teachers in both the streams of Tailoring & Cosmetology.

In March 2020, as designated President-Elect of RCC DIVA Foundation, the NGO launched Project Hope by Honourable Governor of Tamilnadu at the RAJ BHAVAN premises, to spread awareness on the need and importance of hair donations and how the donated hair is made into wigs and given to needy cancer patients.

In May 2020 as Chairperson of RCC DIVA Foundation, she distributed 700 Safety kits which consisted of the mast, Shield Gloves, Thermometer guns, Automatic Sanitiser Dispenser, Ayurvedic Immunity Drink, Organic Chawanprash, Turmeric Tea to the Police Department.

In July 2020 in association with JITO Chennai RCC DIVA Foundation had made provisions at Bhartiraja Hospital, Medway Hospital, Newlife Hospital to provide treatment and cure to infected COVID patients within 30 minutes of detection of disease.

On 14th July 2020, under the presence of Health Secretary Dr. J Radhakrishnan and GCC Commissioner inaugurated the 30 bus mobile dispensary and hospital to contain COVID 19 disease by way of health check-ups and testing of Symptomatic cases.

In October 2020 in the presence of Joint Commissioner (North) Balakrishna Velaiah and prominent socialite Smt. Apsara Reddy, the NGO launched “Project Dignity” to help transgender women set up food carts.

In January 2021, RCC DIVA Foundation conducted Project “Hair to Hope”, a Hair donation drive for underprivileged cancer patients to provide wigs for speedy holistic recovery.

In February 2021 President of Air Force Wives Welfare Association Smt. Geeta Dagar and Air Commodore Dagar recognized, appreciated, and honored the philanthropic work of Manisha
Chordia and presented her with a shield and citation.


The world belongs to anyone who wants to make a difference. When women work together and support each other, they can achieve anything they set their minds on. RCC DIVA is truly unique in the sense that it is the only family club of the RCC fraternity, and is one that is solely run by women. The active participation of women not only in social, cultural, and educational activities but in economic activities, management, and decision making, would contribute to the overail development of the society and invariably the world around us.

In its thirteenth year since inception, RCC DIVA, and the women behind this great entity, have proven to society that gender has no bounds in conquering any field. They have contributed to the community not only with their grace, humility, compassion, kindness, and tenderness but also with their skills, capabilities, efforts, and flair, effectively “INFUSED and CRAFTED” together with the strength of womanhood and feminity.