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Research-to-launch Cryopreservation Bank – Cellutions BioStorage Inaugurated

Cellutions BioStorage is a comprehensive biomaterial storage and logistics company with a vision to leverage advanced technologies to serve biopharmaceutical companies ~



Chennai, 15th July 2022: Bridging the growing supply-chain gap in preservation and maintenance of biospecimens by leveraging advanced technologies, Cellutions BioStorage, a research-to-launch Cryopreservation Bank was inaugurated today. Brainchild of India’s leading health-preneur, Mayur Abhaya – Cellutions BioStorage is a comprehensive biomaterial storage and logistics company that aims to serve biopharmaceutical companies seeking to outsource the whole gamut of supply-chain management, across the spectrum of the product life cycle. The company through a range of services will provide transparency into the entire chain of custody and condition of the biospecimens. The newly-launched facility is equipped with world-class infrastructure spread across over 25,000 square feet. It is co-located in a separately marked area at the same licensed premises as LifeCell’s current laboratory at Chennai.


Offering an insight into the growth plans of Cellutions Biostorage, Mr. Mayur Abhaya, Managing Director – LifeCell International and Cellutions BioStorage, said: “Cellutions Biostorage is an independent company created by the same founders of LifeCell International, who have substantial industry experience in establishing several pharmaceutical and biotechnology ventures. Thus, our clients can continue to expect the same quality and commitment towards care of the cryopreserved units as is being rendered today by LifeCell. The new company has the requisite licenses to operate and is also financially well capitalized to ensure that it can adequately meet the long-term storage commitments.”


Mayur further added, “Cellutions BioStorage will soon emerge as India’s largest biostorage enterprise, and shall seek to expand by serving pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies who are keen to outsource their long-term storage needs of biomaterials generated during the lifecycle of a product’s research, development, and launch phases. Also the launch of several breakthrough new treatments based on cell-and-gene therapy that require validated cryogenic logistics and distribution services offers further growth opportunities.“


As part of this launch, Cellution Biostorage also announced its maiden collaboration with LifeCell International, India’s leading stem cell bank, as its first client. Under this new collaboration, only a part of the contractual service offered by LifeCell, specifically related to the obligations of long-term cryopreservation (21 & 75 years storage), shall now be co-serviced with Cellutions BioStorage. Members of LifeCell, an organization with decades of industry experience, can be assured that the joint venture with Cellutions will provide the same level of quality and dedication to the preservation of the cryopreserved units.


As the agreement is between LifeCell and the Client, LifeCell shall continue to render all other contractual services and obligations including the client benefit programs throughout the contracted period. LifeCell shall also continue to remain the single point of contact for all its clients including for the portion of the long-term cryopreservation services to be rendered by Cellutions BioStorage.

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