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RmKV Silks unveils two innovations in Kanchipuram Silk Sarees – RmKV Naturals & RmKV Lino

Chennai, 14th September, 2022: RmKV a brand synonymous with pioneering innovations in handwoven Kanchipuram Silk Sarees has once again come up with two new innovations for this festive season by going back to time tested traditional routes.

RmKV Naturals Silk Sarees

The Naturals collection is the latest innovation by RmKV Silks, and draws upon a revered dyeing tradition to create designs that are as luxurious as they are sustainable.

RmKV Naturals is a collection of handwoven Kanchipuram silk sarees that has been created using 100% pure natural dyes. All fabrics were naturally dyed till synthetic dyes were introduced in 1856. Convenient and cost-effective, synthetic dyes quickly replaced natural ingredients as colouring agents; the environmental impact of their toxic effluents has now become all too apparent.


The ancient recipes used to create natural dyes and mordants have been either lost or maintained by a diminishing number of dyers in small craft clusters. Most naturally-dyed sarees, such as block-printed cotton sarees, are coloured only after they’re woven. However, the silk for Kanchipuram sarees must first be dyed before it can be woven on the loom.


Addressing the Media Mr.ShankarKumaraswamy, Director, RmKV Silks said: after a decade of research at the RmKV Silks R & D center in Tamil Nadu, we have rediscovered the recipes for dozens of natural dyes and also innovated a few special colours of our own. The Naturals collection features sarees in rich red and amber tones derived from manjistha (Indian madder); arraku (lac) has been used to create deep crimson colours, while indigo has been painstakingly processed and curated to create blue shades. Fenugreek, myrobalan, red soil, pomegranate shells, mulberry leaves and marigold flowers are just a few of the other natural ingredients that have been used to create the natural dyes.


Once the silk yarns are processed at our facility, they are coloured using these natural and biodegradable dyes before being handwoven on looms by our master weavers.


Now, for the first time, customers can add a 100% naturally-dyed handwoven Kanchipuram silk saree to their wardrobes, just in time for the festive season.


RmKV Lino Silk Sarees 

Yet another innovation that RmKV is introducing this festive season is RmKV Lino Silk sarees. Lino silk sarees are handwoven Kanchipuram silk sarees that have been made 40% lighter using a Leno technology, atechnique patented by RmKV in silk weaving. These authentic Kanchipuram silk sarees are handwoven using the finest silk and pure zari, with one striking difference – they feel as light as air. This signifies that this collection of light weight silk sarees, could literally “breathe”.


The RmKV Linosilk saree was created with the younger generation of customers in mind; the lightness of these Kanchipuram silk sarees is complemented by bright colours and bold patterns.


Speaking on this innovation Mr.PranavKumaraswamy, Director, RmKV Silks said: as with all our exclusive innovations, Lino silk sarees have been handcrafted at the RmKV Silks R & D center in Tamil Nadu.


We have used two patented technique in this Lino silk saree.

(a) KV technique (b) Lino technique


The KV technique was applied to get an interlocking meenakari effect in the fabric and the Lino technique is applied for transparency, drapability, and comfort(airy).


The whole process necessitated the twisting of the yarn in a unique way followed by the restructuring of the looms, to weave these silk sarees using a patented technique.

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