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St. Anthony’s Church, Avadi 73rd anniversary Festival Celebration from 13th to18th of June.

Although Christianity was planted in the villages around Avadi in the early days, it did not take deep root and over time it became something that could satisfy the spiritual needs of the Christian soldiers.


In 1943, His Holiness. Inspired by John Vennard’s hard work and simple life, the people around Avadi, Kamaraj Nagar, Pattabiram and Ambattur converted to Christianity. Seeing that the children in these villages did not go to school, the Holy Father not only fulfilled the spiritual needs of the people, but also started Tamil education for the children in 1950.

Realizing the spiritual needs of the people, on 8th September 1958, the Archbishop of Chennai Mailai Archdiocese His Excellency Louis Mathias Andagai laid the foundation stone for the new church, and after all the temple works were completed, on 5th July 1959, the Co-Bishop of Chennai Mailai Archdiocese Consecrated and opened by Francis Carvalho. Avadi St. Anthony’s Church was inaugurated on November 21, 2010 It was declared a shrine by His Excellency U.A.Chinnappa.

Not only thousands of people across caste and religion come to this Thiruthalam which is overflowing with the innovations of St. Anthony but also thousands of miracles and wonders are happening in this Thiruthalam due to the intercession of the saint. Also the lighting of candles, garlands, offerings of metal body parts in gratitude for the benefits received are evidences of the saint’s grace. So come to Avadi St. Anthony Shrine.


Believe, pray, good things will happen is the divine blessing that gives relief.


We are happy to announce that this year we are celebrating the 73rd anniversary of Avadi St. Anthony’s Church from 13th to 18th of June. Highlights of this year’s festival:


• 13.06.2023 06.00 PM – Flag hoisting ceremony

• 16.06.2023 06.00 PM – Holy Eucharist

• 17.06.2023 06.00 PM – Car procession Ceremony

• 18.06.2023 06.00 PM – Flag hoisting

We cordially invite you to participate in these important events and seek the blessings of the wonderful Saint Anthony.

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