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Step into a world of timeless beauty with Tulsi Weaves

Chennai, 11th October 2023: At Tulsi Weaves, they proudly share a special collection of over 800+ vintage Kanjeevaram sarees, curated with love & passion by textile expert Santosh Parekh over 15 years.

Each of these sarees, aged between 40 to 100 years, holds a unique story, a testament to the rich tradition of Kanjeevaram. The vintage collection is showcased at Tulsi Weaves on Eldams Road, where everyone, from saree lovers to fashion enthusiasts, textile lovers, and art students, are warmly invited to visit.

Every saree in their collection has a tale to tell—a journey of craftsmanship and heritage. Many have been rescued from local sellers, literally saved from the flames. Unfortunately, the skilled weavers and their traditional art are fading away in our modern world. We’ve lost valuable techniques and knowledge, like the original 3-shuttle loom—only a few remain, and if not preserved, we might lose them all in the next 20 years.

“Hopefully, our efforts will inspire others to collect and document, creating more awareness and ensuring this beautiful art continues for generations to cherish,” shares Santosh Parekh, the heart behind Tulsi Weaves.

India proudly holds 95% of the world’s handlooms, making handlooms and handicrafts our second-largest industry after farming. This is an advantage we can use wisely.

It’s time to breathe new life into Kanjeevaram, exploring beyond sarees and introducing innovative products. In our efforts to preserve and support the weaving community, Tulsi Weaves has secured some of these and recreated on-demand sarees.

Through this initiative, Tulsi Weaves aims to shed light on the importance of weaving, recognizing and supporting the talented weavers. This exhibit is not just a visual treat for those familiar with these art forms but also an educational journey for those unaware of the diverse weaves of the past.

Tulsi Weaves, an exclusively crafted, handwoven Kanjeevaram Silk store by Founder, Santosh Parekh is set to launch on 18th October 2023 on Eldams Road, Chennai.

For More Information:

Address: Tulsi Weaves, New No. 28. Eldams Road, Teynampet. Chennai: 600018

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