Student India Pledges To Campaign Against The Forces Which Jurts The Existence of Humanity

Student India organization conducts Conferences condemning the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi every year on January 30th. On Wednesday January 30, 2019 it conducted its 6th conference discussing the involvement of Sangh ideology in Gandhi’s assassination. Various social thought leaders presented their views on the issue.

The conference was presided by the leader of Student India, Mr.A Javid Jafer. The conference started by the inaugural address by N.A.Thymiah, State Secretary of MJK. The guests, Mr.M.Thamimun Ansari MLA, General Secretary of MJK and Advocate Arulmozhi Of Dravidar Kazhagam, urged the importance of creating defensive against the threats from Sangh Parivar and upholding the democratic values.

Hundreds of students from various colleges and IT employees attended the conference.