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Surana Group of Institutions launches ‘Surana High Tech International School’ in Chennai

~ Surana Group of Institutions launched ‘BUDDY ROBOTS’ for the first time in India. With Buddy Robots, students are all set to extend their hands of friendship with children of ‘Apollo Cancer Hospital’. ~



Chennai, 6th August 2023: Surana Group of institutions inaugurates Surana High Tech International School at Besant Nagar, Chennai. It was a red – letter day in the annals of the history of the Surana legacy of 40 years.


Surana Group of Institutions were exhilarated to receive their Chief Guest Sri Anil Agarwal, Chairman and Founder of Vedanta Resources Ltd, UK, a philanthropist who has pledged to give 75% of his wealth to charity, and Guest of Honour Dr Preetha Reddy, Executive Vice Chairperson, Apollo Group of Hospitals, renowned for its health care and hospitality services. Both the doyens stand tall amongst the industrialist fraternity, doing yeoman service for social causes.

Though the primary goal of education is to transform children into independent thinkers and learners, Surana group has not lost sight of its greater role in shaping the minds of children to become compassionate, mentally resilient with heightened self-awareness and empathy.


Surana Group of Institutions is proud and happy to state that they launched ‘BUDDY ROBOTS’ for the first time in India. The Buddy is an interactive and educational companion allowing students to learn differently while having fun and preparing them for the world of tomorrow. These are the new avatars competing with the omnipresent God to make their Telepresence using Artificial intelligence to recognize the feelings, emotions, and queries of people and be ready with appropriate reactions.

With Buddy Robots, students are all set to extend their hands of friendship with children of ‘Apollo Cancer Hospital’ who are unable to attend regular school while undergoing treatment. With this arrangement, they hope to help children participate in classroom interactions and their Buddy Robots are going to make this possible. This connects the classroom with the world for students to find their true place and responsibilities on this planet to practice the Vedic value “vasudhaiva kutumbakam” with empathy and kindness with whomsoever they may interact with.


Speaking at the inauguration, Shri Kailashmul Dugar, President of Surana Group of Institutions, said “A pupil’s experience at Surana High Tech combines key elements. The provision of an ambitious education which encourages scholarship and a love of subjects, and an environment that truly allows the whole personality to grow. We are extremely proud of our School, and would be delighted to show you our multi-dimensional approach curriculum where children enjoy learning with pleasure and in full measure.”


Shri Anand P Surana, Founder & Secretary of Surana Group of Institutions, further added “We focus relentlessly on quality of work and character growth. As a result, our school culture is value driven. Therefore, we expect our students, staff and parents to be courageous, respectful, committed to craftsmanship and quality, compassionate and to always show integrity. We provide an authentically tough and rewarding education for everyone, and we believe this is best achieved through not segregating our children by any measure, such as social class or academic ability.”


Surana Group of Institutions inked a pact with US-based High Tech High School, to set up ‘Surana High Tech International School’ in the city, at an investment of over Rs.100 Crores.


Set on the serene sea shore of Bay of Bengal, vibrant with the divine energy emanating from nearby holy shrines and engulfed in pure oxygen-rich air from the sea and lush greenery around the school in Besant Nagar, Surana High Tech International School provides first-class academic education in an inspirational setting.


For More Information:

Address: Surana High Tech International School, E-153, 6th Cross Street, Besant Nagar, Chennai – 600090


Contact: +91 9150372757

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