Tamil Nadu Biodiversity Board

    Tamil Nadu Biodiversity Board 

Chennai 22 May, 2018: Thiru Dindigul C. Srinivasan, the hon’ble minister for forest and the chairperson for the tamilnadu biodiversity board was the chief guest for the state level celebration of the international day for Biological Diversity at Raintree Hotel

The United Nations proclaimed may 22 as the international day for biological diversity (IDB) to increase the understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues. The IDB the for 2018 is “celebrating 25 years of action for biodiversity”. The theme was chosen to mark the 25th anniversary of the entry into force of the convention on biological diversity and to highlight the progress made in the achievement of its objectives at the national and global levels

The convention on biological diversity was signed by 150 government leaders at the 1992 earth summit held in Rio de Janeiro Brazil and is dedicated to promoting sustainable development. The convention on Biological Diversity CBD entered into force on 29 December 1993. It has 3 main objectives

1. The conservation of biological diversity

2. The sustainable use of the components of biological diversity

3. The fair and equitable sharing of the benefits arising out of the utilisation of generic resources

india signed the convention in 1992 and later ratified and become a member of the convention from 1994 onwards. Subsequently India enacted the biological diversity act 2002 and established the national biodiversity authority in chennai

For the purpose of implementation of the biological diversity act, the tamilnadu biological board was constituted in 2008 and the tamilnadu biological diversity rules were notified in December 2017. Of the target of 365 block level established at the block level, more than 125 committees have been established till date and the rest are expected to be established very soon