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~ A timeless collection inspired by the Golden Epoch~


20th September 2022: The benevolent imperialism, the warrior spirit, the clout, the cultural bounty and the opulence of the Golden Age is synonymous with The Chola Dynasty. Tanishq, India’s largest jewellery retail brand from the house of Tata has unveiled an exclusive collection, ‘The Chozha’ with the intent of celebrating the thalassocratic empire and to unravel the treasure trove of divine splendour.

The Regal collection draws its inspiration from 3 key pillars of the dynasty. The magnificent temple architecture which are embellished with stone sculptures and wall paintings showcasing the artistic prowess, cultural depth & unforgettable legacy of The Cholas. The Sangam poetry and literature denoting the ‘verses of the wise’; impact of which can be felt even today in Tamil literature. The Chola bronzes in the form of the symbolic coinage & sculptures with ornamentations epitomises grace, elegance and etherealism with divine mudras pulsating life into the sculpture. These have also been inspired by the indomitable women of the Chola dynasty who displayed characteristics of wit, valour & benevolence, just like the Pudhumai Penn of today.


Tanishq’s ‘Chozha’ collection is an ode to the Dynasty in truest form with pieces capturing the intricate details of the gopurams on the one hand & with inscriptions in Tamili on the other. The Tamil fonts of the Golden Era, engravings inspired by the stunning architecture and the coin silhouettes truly evoke a sense of pride and instantly transcends the wearer into the Golden Era. The painstakingly comprehensive and superior craftsmanship is meticulously detailed to permeate the glory of the Chola rule. Every piece has a story, a piece of the history, a tale of the glorious Chola age that the Pudhumai Penn of today will want to immerse herself in.

Speaking on the launch of this stunning collection, Mr. Arun Narayan, VP Category, Marketing & Retail, Tanishq, Titan Company Limited said, “Our history and culture are integral to who we are as a people, giving us a sense of identity and pride. We are therefore delighted to dedicate a very special collection this festive season that is inspired by the architecture, arts and craftsmanship of a truly golden era in our history. Tanishq ‘Chozha’, a collection of exquisite and authentic jewellery that brings alive the stories, icons and legends of this rich legacy.

About Tanishq

Tanishq, India’s most-loved jewellery brand from the TATA Group, has been synonymous with superior craftsmanship, exclusive designs and guaranteed product quality for over two decades. It has built for itself the envious reputation of being the only jewellery brand in the country that strives to understand the Indian woman and provide her with jewellery that meets her traditional and contemporary aspirations and desires. The Tanishq retail chain currently spreads across 400+ exclusive boutiques in more than 220 cities.

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