today we launch of our iconic brand Wai Wai city noodle bar in Chennai

“Today we are very happy to announce the launch of our iconic brand Wai Wai City Noodle Bar in Chennai. It is a prestigious marker for us; because it provides us the ideal opportunity to resonate the long term vision set by our Chairman: We have been aiming to reach various corners of the nation and set up high experience Noodle consumption outlets. Our first outlet was set up in Delhi in Aug 2016. Over the last couple of years we have set up over 25 outlets in India and Nepal. It has been a great learning experience for us. Today we meet to present to you’ll an improved version of new offering. Designed by one of the best Chefs in the industry, innovative and adaptive to the ever evolving tastes of the new age consumer” said Varun Chaudhary, MD Wai Wai City and ED CG Corp Global

The new hand crafted menu in WaiWaiCity reeks of this new thinking. Additionally, by using the long format noodles, we aim to introduce the concept of SILKY NOODLES the term which primarily comes from cooking the noodles in a way that it gives our customers the fun experience of slurping them instead of just eating them like any other noodle