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Twisty Tails inaugurated by Chef Dhamu, Vikram, Rekha, Gayathri & Ashwin Sidharth at AnnaNagar

A new branch of Twisty tails is being inaugurated on 3rd February 2022 as a cherry on the top of the cake, of long-lasting list of Anna Nagar’s top- rated and creative restaurants.

Twisty tails is a pet- themed restaurant and they are already a success in Nungambakkam since 2017.

This new branch is not just a pet- themed one, but went a step ahead and is made for the Shih Tzu puppy lovers. You know, the fuzzy one that looks like a moving cloud of saon papdi, yeah that one. This lovely new restaurant has two sections: pet zone, where you can use your soft, gooey baby voices to coddle the 16 furry little pets. And the restaurant where you can, you know, eat and hangout. And Dining for two costs Rs. 800.

Twisty Tails is owned by the Chendhur Group headed by S.K.Aswin Sidharth, also owns multiple ventures in Real estate, Fruits and vegetables supply, Publication, Hospitality business and more. And their major motto is to change the lives of people through their diversified investments.

When asked the people behind this venture, “why a pet- themed restaurant?”, the answers were genuine and simple. Mr. Vikram, one of the directors said “This concept works well for dog lovers who are unable to keep pet dogs at their homes due to restrictions in apartment complexes or monetary reasons” and he adds “It was our Director Rekha’s dream project to create a space for people to de-stress themselves through pet love”. That sounds like a healthy and happy way to start and run any place.

Twisty Tails inaugurated by Chef Dhamu, Vikram, Rekha, Gayathri & Ashwin Sidharth.

Located at M-5,new77, 3rd Avenue, Block M, 2nd Floor, Anna Nagar East, Chennai – 600 102.(Opp K4 Anna Nagar Police Station).

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