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Unveiling ‘Thalaivan Virunthu’ A Gastronomic Journey for 15 days through South India with Chef Damu at GRT Hotels.

Grand Chennai by GRT Hotels & Resorts, a paragon of hospitality in the city is proud to collaborate with the celebrated Chef Damu for a 15-day culinary fest, ‘Thalaivan Virunthu’.


Scheduled from June 25th to July 9th at the Bazaar, this event showcases the genius of Guinness Record Holder Chef Damu, promising an adventure for the palate that celebrates the soul of South Indian cuisine.

Bazaar, our vibrant dining destination at Grand Chennai, embodies the bustling energy and diversity of a marketplace and the global kitchen. Offering an eclectic array of multi-cuisine delights, it encompasses a dynamic culinary spectacle and invites guests to be part of a grand gourmet action.


‘Thalaivan Virunthu’ at Bazaar is poised to offer an immersive culinary experience, expertly crafted by the master himself.


Some of the must-try dishes include, Damu Style Meen Kuzhambu, Chicken Chinthamani, Athangudi Kari Chops, Maa Inji Parupu Urundai Kuzhambu, Kalan Karu Milagu Varuval, Vethalai Rasam, Karumbu Charu Payasam and more. This festival of flavours provides an unrivalled opportunity to explore Chef Damu’s eclectic culinary repertoire, all enjoyed within the setting of a lavish dinner buffet.


A standout feature of the festival is the Chef’s Theatre. This interactive extravaganza provides guests the unique privilege to witness Chef Damu’s magic live, in person. Guests will have the opportunity to partake in captivating cooking demonstrations, engaging Q&A sessions, and hands-on cooking lessons with the renowned chef.


The pre-launch celebration is slated for June 23rd and promises an evening of delight and gastronomy with appearances by Vijay TV celebrities, Chennai’s esteemed dignitaries, and luminaries from the culinary world.


Corporate Chef Sheetharam says, “This collaboration with Chef Damu and GRT Hotels & Resort is a great honour. The vibrance of his cooking style, complemented with the lively setting of the Bazaar will truly create magic for our guests. We look forward to many more such synergies with Chef Damu in the future as well.”


Speaking later, Chef Damu said that during the 15 days of Thalaivan Virunthu, we will serve forgotten and lost traditional dishes and also said that the best sweets of South Tamil Nadu like Then Mittai, Ellu Urandai burfee etc. have been made available. He said that 40 types of dishes will be served daily and the menu will change every day.


For more details, please visit https://grthotels.com/chennai or reach us at +91 7550036789 for reservations.


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