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Intellistudios – India’s very First massive Virtual Production Studio of 13.000 Sq.ft area is established in poonamallee, Chennai by Mr.Venkatakrishnan & Mr.Ravi of DB Productions.

Intellistudios- India’s very first massive virtual production studio of 13,000 sq.ft area is established in Poonamallee, Chennai by DB productions.
When interviewed about the studio, Mr. Ravi of DB productions explained us the technicalities and the uniqueness of the studio. 

DB productions has been in the movie industry for more 2 decades. They have worked for over 100 Indian movies,  30 Hollywood movies and over 1000 ads. They didn’t just stop with movies but they have extended their roots in virtual gaming as well… They have developed many gaming apps too. DB productions is also a proud member of America’s Visual society.
Now, as a part of their next initiative, for the first time in India, DB productions have set up Intelli studios, covering 13,000 sq. Ft Air conditioned studio with a Virtual screen of 60 ft length and height 18 feet with 2.5 degree curvature. They have a tracking camera which is again first time in India to use this technology. 
This is a boon for the Indian cinema industry which reduces a lot of time, effort and budget. We don’t have to spend more time and money in constructing sets, waiting for the sun to come up or set down out or wait for a certain timing. Every thing can be set here in the backdrop and can be done. Travelling abroad and shooting can all be reduced as those exotic locations can be brought in here. 
Winding it up, this really a is a technological marvel in the Indian movie industry and going forward we can expect Hollywood level edits and effects on our movies.
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