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100+ Cancer Survivors Join Freedom from Cancer Foundation’s Conquer 2022 to Celebrate their Win over Cancer

Chennai, 4th June 2022: Postponed surgeries, lockdown restrictions, delayed checkups, unavailability of radiation and chemotherapy treatments, the list of odds the cancer patients encountered during the Covid-19 pandemic years was not a short one. However, with sheer will power, and incredible support of medical professionals and entities, many patients won their battle over cancer – and about 200 of them, including children, were present at Conquer 2022, an annual gathering to recognize cancer survivors.

Organised by the Freedom from Cancer Relief and Research Foundation (FFC), a public trust striving to promote cancer research, on the National Cancer Survivors Day, which falls on the first Sunday of June, conquer 2022 witnessed various stage performances, music & dance events, and spirited experience sharing sessions by survivors, their friends, family members, and medical professionals.


Participating as a chief guest at Conquer 2022, Mr. Ezhilan Naganathan, MLA, who is also a medical practitioner and social activist, & Tamil Nadu Health Secretary Dr. J Radhakrishnan said that the events like Conquer will provide the much-needed opportunity for all people living with a history of cancer to connect with each other, celebrate milestones, and recognize those who have supported them along the way. He added that the state government will stand with cancer survivors and promote more resources, research, and survivor-friendly policies to improve their quality of life.


Talking about Conquer 2022, Prof Dr Anita Ramesh, Founder and Managing Trustee of Freedom from Cancer Relief and Research Foundation (FFC) and Professor and Senior Consultant in Medical Oncology, said that Covid pandemic was not a very good time for cancer patients, but the indomitable spirit of patients saw them sail through the ordeal and become free from the disease. “Every year, we gather our well-wishers to celebrate the spirit of cancer survivors. Though we could not do it in the past two years due to Covid, we are happy that the current edition could attract survivors in large numbers. The funds raised from this event will be utilized in spreading cancer awareness and cancer treatment for the underprivileged children,” she said.


Dr. Anita pointed out that when someone feels their body is undergoing physical uneasiness, they should go for cancer screening, which is important for the prevention and early detection of cancer. “Improvements in the area of molecular genetics have greatly helped both in the early detection and personalized treatment of the disease. People should understand that cancer is curable, and one can lead a normal life after surviving cancer,” she added.

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