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6th Edition of SICA Culinary Challenge and Exhibition 2023 inaugurated by Chairman TTDC Dr.K.Manivasan the grand cooking challenge competition which will be held in Chennai for the first time in India in front of international judges.

The South Indian Chefs Association’s 6th Edition of SICA Culinary Challenge and Exhibition 2023 at the ChennaiTrade Center in Nandambakkam with the approval of the World Association of Chef’s Society (WACS), was launched in the presence of Chef Thamu, President of the South Indian Chefs Association, and Chef Sheetaram Prasad, General Secretary, SICA.

The cooking competition and exhibition will be held till 17th. Prizes are distributed to the winners on 18th. On the first day today, around 1000 people participated in the competitions, including culinary experts and leading chefs from 5 star restaurants. Today competitions are held in three tier wedding cake, butter and margarine sculpture, paratha and live biryani categories. Junior and senior category contestants participated in these competitions.

This is a WACS ( World Association of Chef’s Society) endorsed competition and a great platform for all professionals and youngsters from the culinary school to showcase their talent in front of Many International, National, state jury’s this time from all across the world.The first day i had class 1 which is Three-tier wedding cake where we had 80 entries for the same followed by class 5 which Butter/Margarine sculpture where we had 60 entries for the same followed by class 6 which is Plated Appetizer where we had 120 entries for the same. In the afternoon scheduled for the Buffet challenge, Best creation out of waste,Table cover layout, Creative skilled Paratha.

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