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Bharata Kalanjali presents the second edition of ‘Jharna’ – A festival dedicated to the arts, held between March 3-5,2023 and March 10-12, 2023

Jharna | Edition 2

           Explore. Innovate. Perform

After the successful first edition of Jharna held in March 2022, Bharata Kalanjali is happy to announce that the second edition of Jharna, a festival dedicated to the arts, held between March 3-5,2023 and March 10-12, 2023.

The festival was born from the desire to provide a stage for upcoming artists. It also serves the dual purpose of hosting a Live audience to experience the art intimately while at the same time taking the art and spirit to a global audience.

The event takes pride in the fact that the festival’s debut gave many up-and-coming artists a platform and opened doors for them. The event has also received multiple enquiries from abroad to conduct Jharna under the Bharata Kalanjali banner.

After a rigorous selection process, 9 exceptional dancers have been shortlisted from 88 applicants. These Bharatanaatyam dancers will explore and experiment with choreography around a theme that will be guided by the institution. Dancers will ideate, conceptualise and create fresh work that is both engaging and inspiring. The participants will go through the entire creative process of moulding a new piece of art from scratch, under the guidance of our esteemed panel of gurus at Bharata Kalanjali.

Spanning over two weekends the festival will also host a special music concert.

This festival is dedicated to the arts community and seeks to provide a stage for those who could not step onto one over the pandemic. It is an attempt to savour art in its true essence while giving talented artists a platform to showcase their art.

Event Details:

You can know more about the schedule, performances, artists and purchase your tickets at

For more information –

Venue: Bharata Kalanjali, TEACH Auditorium, CSIR Road, Taramani, Chennai.

Date : Between March 3-5,2023 and March 10-12, 2023

Contact :+91-8825700498


About Bharata Kalanjali


Bharata Kalanjali, a temple of learning, a colossal hub of knowledge and an immersive place to discover the art in you! At Bharata Kalanjali, Natyam is inseparably fused with culture, discipline and social well-being influencing every aspect of the student’s personalities shaping them up not just for the performance but for life. This institution has now seen 50+ years of contribution to the world of performing art in India and is today one of the finest schools of Learning.


In 1968, Shanta and V.P. Dhananjayan founded Bharata Kalanjali in Chennai. Since then, countless talented artists have emerged from this institution and they, in turn, continue to impart what they have learnt to their students in different parts of the world. With their uncompromising pursuit of perfection, high regard for Bharatiya Samskriti values and commitment to their art, the institution’s portals have been a perfect setting for complete development of the younger generation.

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