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Celebrating Women’s Day with a delicious challenge

GRT Hotels and Resorts honoured home chefs with a two-day event filled with scrumptious food, touching stories, entertainment and prizes galore.

‘A home chef doesn’t just follow recipes; they compose culinary symphonies’. This was the idea behind the two-day cooking extravaganza held at Grand Chennai by GRT Hotels on March 5 and March 7.

The event, GReaT Shef, was hosted in honour of International Women’s Day, celebrated each year on March 8.

The contest brought together 50 odd participants who first presented the judges with one special family recipe, while also sharing the story behind why they picked that particular dish. This filled the atmosphere with a sense of warmth and comfort that is only felt when you eat a home cooked meal made with love.

Shortlisted participants then took part in a live cooking challenge, followed by the final challenge that involved a theme and designing a three-course menu made out of ingredients provided at the hotel. Out of the final seven, judges had a hard time picking just three chefs owing to the talent, dedication, and heart that went into preparing each dish.

What made the evening even more special for the participants was the chance to interact closely with Guiness Record-holding Chef Damu, who is the brand ambassador for the eclectic Bazaar restaurants at Grand Chennai, Grand Vijayawada and Garden Café in Grand Kakinada of Grt Hotels and Resorts.

The home chefs travelled from near and far for a chance to win the ‘GReaT Shef’ title, some even coming from Madurai, Trichy and other cities of Tamil Nadu. The journey clearly paid off as the participants were thrilled to be there, and said they had practised their dishes in advance to be ready for the contest.

Talking about the event, Monideep Jas, Senior General Manager, GRT Hotels and Resorts, said, “This year for International Women’s Day, we decided to do something different and unique. We wanted to shine the light on home chefs, giving them a platform to display their talents. Chef Damu, who is a vital part of the GRT family, made the event more memorable.”

The enthusiastic response of GReaT Shef has inspired the GRT Hotels and Resorts to make this a recurring event, and we cannot wait to witness the talent that emerges from this home-grown contest.

GReaT Shef Title Winner

Logeswari chennai

Second prize

Rasmitha Nair Orissa

Third prize for Three contestants

Bisimol Chennai

Sasi Coimbatore

Fathima Kanyakumari

Consolation Prize



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