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Dr Batra’s® World’s Largest Homeopathy clinic brings India’s 1st ever Bio-engineered hair treatment for the first time in Chennai

Chennai: Hair as a filament of complex fibers has many biological functions and is also directly associated with aesthetics and beauty. Having long luscious hair is a dream for many but unfortunately, over 147 million individuals suffer from hair loss globally.

Although, a number of factors lead to hair loss, one of which is the quality of water. While hard salts in water are present in 80% of the cities in India, Chennai is said to have around 300 ppm and 1200 ppm (parts per million), making the water harsh for your hair and further leading to hair loss. A study conducted by the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research concluded that the prevalence of hair fall amongst men in Chennai was found to be 60.3%, and the prevalence of baldness was found to be 50.4%.

While the statistics and research on hair loss are many, there are only a few treatments that provide long-term relief from hair loss. Treatments like Plate-let Rich Plasma (PRP) and hair transplants have proven to be effective but are often painful and have caused significant side effects like serious injury to the blood vessels, scar tissue at the injection site, and so on. Whereas, Dr Batra’s® New Hair Treatment is painless, effective and provides visible results in just 10 sessions. It is formulated with the latest cutting-edge Technology using Plant Plasma rich with Polypeptides hair serum.

Dr Batra’s® has a trusted legacy of over 35 years of scientific homeopathy treatment for hair fall. Offering scientifically proven, natural, and side-effect-free treatment solutions. Their team of trichologists and expert homeopaths, after careful scientific analysis, introduced bio-engineered, FDA-approved hair fall solution for the first time in India. The bio-engineered hair treatment has resulted in a 96% positive treatment outcome for over 7,066 patients since the past one year.

Commenting on Dr Batra’s New Hair treatment, Dr. Akshay Batra, Managing Director, Dr Batra’s® Healthcare and the 1st and only Indian to be elected President of The Trichological Society, London said, “We at Dr Batra’s® have always valued our patients and their feedbacks. With Dr Batra’s® New Hair, we wanted to bring our patients a treatment program that would meet their needs, i.e. scientifically proven, visible and long-lasting results in the fastest possible way. The fact; that this bio-engineered therapy is natural, non-invasive, and painless, re-emphasizes our promise to put our patients first.”

To help you combat your hair loss, Dr Batra’s offers up to 15% off on a comprehensive hair fall treatment regime.

To book an appointment, call us at 9167791677.

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